Sunday, January 25, 2009

My new blog

So Mombabe has been drugged up and laid up for the last few weeks and while she should be recovering she made this lovely blog background for me.....

I love it!! I can't thanks her enough. If you love it too you should check her out here she did that header too. Then head over to her blog and give her some love

Wow all I can say is Wow I wish I was as talented as she is.

Love it mombabe thanks so much!!!!!!

Way behind SORRY!!! Good News

So Tuesday the 20th we went back to the specialist to get the results of the kidney biopsy...

Brody has Minimal Change Disease. In other word is it where for no reason your body starts to attack itself and this disease attacks the kidneys. We hope that since this disease is so rare something like 1 in 300,000 that we will also be lucky and he will be one that out grows it before he hits adulthood. This was also the least sever on the list of the things they where testing for.

So we started treatment which is a course of steroids that in return for killing all the bad things it also makes is immunity to other things lower. So for the next 1 to 3 months we might not be going to many places. And we will also be testing his urine daily for along time. But hopefully when we go back to the specialist in February that we will get more good news that this is working and that we will not have to go with the stronger stuff.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change of attitude

So here is the deal.... I haven't always been the most outspoken political person (it's me, the husband here), but I'm also not an idiot. During the election season/process, whatever you may choose to call it, I was one of two republicans in the office that I work. I freely admit that I did vote on my party lines, but do not consider myself, necessarily, in agreement with all the views of the republican party. During that process, however, I did feel that I received un-due criticism from some of the other people in my office because of my "declared" political alignment. I admit that I did lose some respect for now President Obama solely on the actions of other democrats that I know. Flash forward roughly 3 months.

With the employment that I have; I have the opportunity to be in peoples houses and interact with them on a 1 on 1 basis. I often deal with people that are not necessarily what most would consider young. I had an experience with one such person today. Her name is Mrs. Williams. Now Mrs. Williams is an 80+ year old lady. One that has lived in the south (Austin, TX) her entire life. She went to a segregated high school, remembers going to rallys where Dr. King spoke, and lived through the hatred of the civil rights movement. I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful woman today. This woman went and bought a TV for the sole purpose of watching the inaguration today. She woke up at 5 in the morning so she could get her errands done to be home for the 7 AM start of the TV coverage. The portion of todays events that I was able to see with this woman was the inagural parade when President Obama was WALKING down the street hand in hand with his wife. The new respect I have gained for this man was sparked by this man walking down the street. He showed no fear in his eye, although some crazy person would love to make a memory of himself by causing this man harm. He seems like one of the guys that you could invite over to watch the super bowl. He seems human. Now I am not that old, a mere 27 years, but I have read history books and talked to my parents and grand parents. The last president to have this type of appearence was Kennedy. I am in no way changing my political stances, but just sharing my change of opinion. I just have one word of advice (not like he'll read our blog anyways), but just please try to do what you say.

Good luck President Obama, may you be open to the inspiration of our Heavenly Father in guiding our country.

Monday, January 19, 2009

this week.....

So this week has flown by so fast and yet again gone by sooooooooo slow...

One of the best things was on Friday I packed the boys into the car and took a drive and on our way home stopped past the mail box and there was a package waiting there for us. It was from a dear friend from Mesa she is so sweet. In the box was something for each of my kiddos. And Chocolates and these magnets that she made with little uplifting sayings for moms. They have been on my fridge ever since and they help when the day hasn't gone so well. Thanks Laurie!!!

Question for all the moms out there in the blogging world... Lately Riley my 5 year old has been very sneaky/mean. Example yesterday she was playing with her brothers nicely and then we hear Hyde crying and go to see what is going on she is holding him saying its ok. We think oh that is nice. And go on then about 5 mins later Hyde comes in and find us and he has a bite mark on his arm. So we call Riley in and ask her what happened? She goes I don't know... I ask her again. her face gets low and she goes I DON'T KNOW!!!! I ask her one more time and she goes I bite him. I then ask her why and she says because he wasnt doing what I wanted him to do. WHAT....

Then this morning the kids where watching tv and being nice as I was making breakfast when Brody walks in and says Riley pinched me. I go where and there was a red mark on his skin under his shirt. I again asked her if she had done this or not and she goes gosh Brody. I didnt do it. I go what are you sure. Then she spills the beans and goes yes I did but you where not supposed to see it. What? I have told her if she can be good and help me then I will have time to do something with her but when she doesn't listen and makes problems then it makes it harder for me to get everything done and to want to let her do fun things. Am I wrong? What am I not doing? If you have any ideas please let me know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are home and so far doing well. The hardest part is keeping him down and not running all over the house. It was a LONG night with its ups and downs as the doctor told us that night time is always the hardest time of the day for the little guys. In the early morning hours I really couldn't tell you exactly when but before the sun was up they came in for the 4th time in 24hours to draw blood and test it. And then came back in and started to wake him up and give me a lot of attention. Never a word was said to me as there was something wrong or not. But to come to find out I guess his blood level had dropped and they had to take another sample and luckly it came back up on its own or we would have been stuck in that hospital for more then just one day. The nurses where wonderful even at 2 am quietly asking me did he pee? But we are so glad to be home where the beds are just alittle softer and we can rest. We still have a long road and this is just the begining. We are scheaduled to go in and get the results of the tests Tuesday morning and we will let everyone know as soon as we can.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people in our life who have already helped us so much. With watching kids or just playing with them so our hands would be free.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brody Update

Today was the day we went in to surgery. It was a good day he got to play with his little brother all over the halls of the hospital. Riding Bikes watching movies.

He walked right back there with the doctors when it was time and was so brave. The doctor said he did really well and they had to take not two but three piece of his kidney as the first two had to much of the inner layer and they needed also the outer layer of the kidney. We are now in his room for the night and he is doing well. We are looking forward to being able to go home tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giveaway you wont want to miss

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Brody Update

So this weekend was one of the longest ever. I called the doctor this morning and we have a date but no time. He is rescheduled for surgery on Tuesday the 13th. When I find out more I will let you know.

*** we have a time it will be around 1:30

We also get results the next Tuesday. We will let you all know when we do.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Give away

Merrianne is having a give away people. SO run and check her out.

Christmas 2008

In Pictures.....................................

Needing to vent....... This is for me so if you don't want to hear it then stop reading..

So with everything going on life has been crazy. I seriously took down last years calendar and went to replace it and just looked at the months and what we had done. It made me sick. There where few and very far between that there was a day of nothing. I think that is what I honestly need right now is nothing. But am thinking that will not happen anytime soon. A few nights ago Brody was up later then everyone else as he had wet the bed and so as it was only 8 we decided to just wash everything then and not wait until morning and let him stay up it was also the day we got to bring him home from the hospital and be on that emotional roller coaster. So I guess both Robert and I where just glad he was whole and here. Yes maybe sick but right now he was here and we were not having to worry about the what if's. I have never had to do anything like this in my life and it is so much harder then I ever thought it would be. I look at other moms and dads who are going through much worse or have gone through and I am amazed at there positive outlook on life. I want that.
I need that.. But all I can think about it the bad. The very bad.

Why Brody????
I need to do laundry.
I need to take the Christmas stuff down.
I need to make dinner atleast once this week the leftovers are going to get old sooner then later.

Its hard to go on with normal life. Its hard to do the laundry when all you want to do it sit and hold your babies not knowing really what is going on inside there little bodies or when they will be called home to our Father in Heaven. I hope it gets easier with the more answers you get.

Maybe this is all to make me more patient. I don't want to me patient. I want to be on the phone calling the same doctors office that is on vacation until Monday for the holiday to see if someone might just answer the phone but I wont.
I need to make goals for this year but it is so hard to when you don't know where others will be guiding you and your decisions. If Brody wants enough right now to worry about, Roberts work is talking changes. Which would mean moving. My church calling isn't exactly what was asked and I am still trying to figure out just what they want.
I am glad for great friends as with out them I think I would be pulling my hair out right now. I mean I am to the point where I have done everything I feel I can I mean really how many times can I google Kidney problems and read it ALL over and over. I guess what I really need is to just leave it up to the lord. But man that is hard.
Why is it so easy for Robert to fall asleep anywhere.
Why can't I sleep?
Why if we weren't supposed to get answers fast did I with my naked eye see something the doctor said should have been impossible?
Why do I feel like this is going to be a LONG journey?
Why are we so far away from family?
I should make cookies.
Sorry if this doesn't make much since to those who actually read this I am sorry. This is what is on my mind. I just needed to get it out and down somewhere.