Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!

So today is my sisters birthday and she is the big.....................OK I'm not that mean I won't tell the world how old you are Sarah..
So I am not very close with my sisters they are older then we and our paths never really crossed. But I love you Sarah. So here it goes 10 fabulously wonderful things about Sarah..

1. She is a wonderful Photographer

2. Has a ear for fabulous music

3. Gives really good hugs

4. Has a contagious laugh

5. Always goes with the flow

6. Has beautiful green eyes

7. Is always full of life

8. I think she would make a wonderful mother

9. She is always willing to learn new things

10.SMART...... super Smart she was in the who's who's in High School

I love you Sarah. I hope your Birthday was fabulous