Monday, December 22, 2008

The goings on at the Whitmer House..........

Ok so we will start things off with the good news and work our way to the bad....

- I got a new church calling.... I am really nervous about this one. I have been asked to teach one week out of the month in R.S.

- Riley is out of school for the rest of the year!!! WOW she has some energy.

-Hyde is finally getting over the pneumonia he has had for the last month. I am very grateful for antibiotics. And chest X-rays.

- We have decorated the Christmas tree and have almost all the presents wrapped and under it.
( this is a big one as we didn't start shopping this year for anything until the 20th wow crazy I know)

Now for the bad news....

-Brody Thurday night the 18th we had just gotten home from taking Hyde to the doctor as he had spiked a fever and was coughing still and so we had been at the dr from 3 tell 6 and on our way home stopped for dinner and we were eatting at home as Robert had just gotten home from Waco for work. Brody got down from the table after only eatting about half of what he normally does and said he didnt feel so good. He laid down for about 2 mins then got up and ran to the bathroom and about threw up. Then went to the bathroom and there was blood in his urine.
We called the dr and ended up going in the morning and was there from 9am tell 6pm. Long day in and out of the hospital, lab and radiology place. We came home that night with no answers other then that he didnt have a UTI or tumors on the kidneys or kidneystones. Our pediatrition did take home a sample of his urine to his lovely kind pediatric uroligist of a wife to look at. And called us with the information that it hadnt gotten so bad the his kindneys were putting out clits or clumps of red blood cells. But we had to wait until today for more test results. So this morning some tests came back looking good but others just didnt make since. So after many calls to the specialist in Austin, from both us and our dr. we are going in tomorrow for more tests.
Please if you can pray for these dr's to find out what is going on with our little boy. The next step we have been told is to have a kidney biopsy.

We are very greatful for out wonderful pediatrition. Dr. Grady we love you and thank you for all the extra time and energy you and your wife have put in to helping us.

Thank you to our wonderful friends and family who have prayed and fasted for us.

Thank you for our wonderful kind friends who dropped everything on Friday to watch our two other kids so we could be fully there to help and listen to everything we needed to.

Thank you to our Awesome Friends who came over last night with dinner and games to help the time go faster.
We love and appreciate all the wonderful things you all have done for us. We have already been blessed.

We will keep everyone updated on what is going on when we find out more.