Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This was my afternoon project... It has made my whole house smell heavenly.
Can't wait until dinner...


It all started with a little hanger....
Today has been a very slow day here at the Whitmer house. We have a sicky so we are sticking close to home. So I took this as a gift of time. We don't have to go anywhere so why not get some of the little things around here done that just get over looked.
So I hit the boys closet. I pulled out all there old not fitting things and hung up things that had fallen down. They didn't even notice.
Then it was onto Riley's, she was very excited and wanted to help even though she doesn't feel good. A couple of Saturday's ago we had hit a HUGH sale at the mall and ended up getting all of the clothes that she will need for school this year. And all under a 100 bucks thanks you.
So I pull out the little hangers and put the newly washed clothes onto them something that rarely happened before now in our house as the kids never really had anything other then play and church clothes. But as I was hanging them up she comes into me and says"Oh mom I really get to hang my clothes up just like you? And I am ALL ready to go to school now." And then it hit me this hanger was doing more for her then just hanging her clothes up, it was a step forward. It was telling her that she was growing up and changing.
If life was that simple that we could all see our "hangers" and know that we were doing what we need to be doing. So my question to you have you seen any "hangers" in your lives?