Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been tagged twice.

So I guess I needed to update my blog. So these are kind of the same but I'll do them both. So sit down and hold on....

This first one is for you Charity. I hope you are having lot of fun hugging a snuggling with that cute new baby of yours.

8 Things I’m passionate about:
-Photography (but I need more classes and a better camera saving my pennies)
-My family
-Trying to be a good mom and wife
-Saving money
-Having fun
-Shoes even most of the times I am only seen wearing flip flops
-Having a garden

8 Things I want to do before I die:
- See my children Happy doing whatever there dreams are
- Go and see an event in person at the olympics
- See as many of the worlds temples as I can
- Go back to school
- Have my house decorated
- Travel the World Europe, China, New Zealand, Argentina
- Go on a mission with Robert
- BE on the price is right

8 Things I do now:
- Grocery Shopping
- Dishes
- Clean Bathrooms
- Play with kids
- Pay Bills
- Mountains of Laundry
- Make cookies
- Paint my toes

Things I can not do:
- Clean the tub that is Robert's job around here
- make friends
- lose weight
- sing
- fix a car
- let things go
- not make my bed everyday no really if I don't I feel like my day is gone all wrong
weird I know.

8 Things I often say:
- "Crap"
-" Freak in A"
- " There it is."
- " do you have to go potty?''
- '' That's not nice"
- '' Say your sorry"
- '' Really?"

8 Favorite foods:
- Bean Burritos from taco bell no red sauce please
- southwest chicken salad from jack in the box
- Chocolate
- Quesidillas sp
- Good BBQ
- carna asada
- sweet potato fries
- Chocolate Chip Cookies

8 Things you may not have know about me:
- When I concentrate I stick my tongue out
- I hate having a dirty car
- same a Charity I can not kiss anyone even my kiddos in the morning until we have brushed our teeth
- I went to but never finished cosmetology school
- I can't go to bed with dishes in my sink
- I love making bread and being able to work it with my hands
- I have a hard time feeling content with what I have but I'm working on it
- I sometimes think I jumped into things to fast

Ok people we are half way there.. This one is from Regan.

8 favorite TV SHOWS

1. The Office

2. Grey's Anatomy

3. Biggest Loser

4. Food Network

5. House

6. The Amazing Race

7. Sid the science kid so cool if you haven't seen it check it out my kids love it

8. The Soup

8 favorite RESTAURANTS

1. LULU's Tacos in AZ

2. PF Chan's

3. TGI Friday's

4. Caraba's

5. Revas in AZ

6. I cant remember the name but it is in Boston and makes yummy chowder

7. Subway

8. Freebirds

8 books you'd RECOMMEND

1. Simplify

2. Rich Dad Pour Dad

3. 15 things LDS parents do wrong and how to avoid them

4. 365 tv free things to do with your preschooler

5. Pinkolious

6. Love you for always

7. Most of John Grishams Books

8.oh the last one is so hard so many to choose from Little Women

8 things that happened YESTERDAY

1. Talked to my mom before and after she had eye surgery

2. Watched and played with Rhe- Annes kiddos

3. Made dinner for the missionaries

4. Watched Riley sing in her first school program it was so cute

5. Went to HEB for bread

6. Went on walk

7. Did Laundry

8. my face totally broke out it hates me

8 things to LOOK FORWARD TO

In no particular order...

1. Christmas

2. Hyde going to Nursery ( only 9 more sundays)

3. Being able to build our dream home

4. Going to school

5. More kiddos someday but not soon

6. The weekend

7. A Vacation really any kind of one would be great

8. A hot bath

8 things on MY WISH LIST

1. A new car

2. ipod

3. clothes

4. shoes

5. a new stroller see earlier post

6. a vacation see above

7. enough money so I can help whoever when ever they need it

8. a personal trainer that comes to my house and kicks my butt


1. The leafs

2. Cooler

3. Having my windows open

4. colors

5. Family

6. Yummy foods

7. Clothes

8. OH Almost didnt do this one but I finally thought of something it is a drink my family makes for thanksgiving with apricot and peach juice mixed with sprite. Yummy

8 people I TAG

1. Ranee

2. Michelle

3. Emily

4. Colista

5. Holly

6. Merrianne

7. Kari

8. Maren

So there you have it. I hope you had fun I know I did but man now you should know every thing about me.