Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines Day! yes I am playing catch up...

So our Valentines Weekend was full of excitement. I was told that just because I am on facebook I don't blog much anymore.... And I have to admit it is very true so much easier to just type a fast statement then a big long blog and upload photos to go with. But I am going to try and get back into the blog land or atleast get all the photos off my phone and camera that need to be seen....

So back to Valentines weekend. I say weekend as it started the 13th for us. My girls down in Kyle have tried acouple of times to give me a baby shower and with my health before she came it just never happened then it was the holidays and more sickness so we were all going to have lunch together down in Austin. So much fun. Robert and all the kids had planned on coming with me but my van needed some repair work done to it and time was just so that Robert also needed to stay and help a neighbor with a move. So we divided  and set off to concur. But life had other plans for us. The girls and I where making great time Harper had sleeped most of the way down we were almost to San Marcos. And bam we were in a car accident. Thankfully no other cars where involved. The rental car I was driving blew the front drivers side tire. and when that happend the car fishtailed and I sideswiped the cement wall in the middle of the freeway and then the axle broke as the car was about to go back into traffic. I am so thankful for that broken axle as after googling front tire blow outs wow out of the 3 I watched going slower then we were they all ended up flipping the cars. So needless to say we didnt make it to the lunch. But had fun being driving around town in the back of a police car. After getting a replacement rental we Riley and I decided to head home. But I had to make one stop as the one and only thing that broke in the accident was my underwire bra and wow am I also greatful for garments. And to only have the small sore I have from that.

So we get home and as I am still running on adrenaline and we have a chance for free babysitting. We take it. So we head out to dinner and end up in all places Panda and then run over to Target and get our Valentines gifts NEW PILLOWS yippie. And man did that feel so great that night to sleep on them. SO soft!! Then picked up the kiddos. And went home and ate ice cream.

Sunday I woke up and so did Riley feeling like so stiff and sore. So we sent the boys on there marry way and sleeped in. Then we all got up and made brownies and heart shaped meatloafs. As we were having the missionaries over for dinner. Then I used when we served dinner a cookie cutter and put the mashed potatoes in it as a mold so they had the heart shaped meatloaf and potatoes so cute and then heart shaped brownies and ice cream for dessert. Everyone had a great time.
I think  that is it. Hope you all had a very special full of love valentines day.