Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The latest on Brody

Today we packed everything up got the babysitter ready and left for the Children's Hospital. When we got there Brody had fallen asleep in the car so I grabbed him and took him in he said he was cold but it was outside was in the 70's. We got in and checked in and I felt him and he was burning up. They took is temperature and it was 103.0 so we where sent home. And told to go see our pediatrician and figure out why he was having a fever. So this is where we are now. The biopsy has been put off until we get him over this whatever it is.
We are going to the doctor at 4 and will let you know what we find out then.

In other news this was a huge blessing in decise as today we walk in there thinking that we only have to pay one amount and where told that it was going to be almost 2000 dollars. Wow! But now that it wont be until after the 1st we will be on a new health insurance plan and it will only be 200 dollars. I am so greatful for a loveing watchful Heavenly Father.