Monday, August 25, 2008

AND GO...............

So today was Riley's First day of Kindergarten and it was whirlwind of a day.

It started well I might have to go back to last night to get the whole feeling really.

So we get dinner done and father's blessing check so off to bed is next right? So we put Brody and Hyde and Riley all tucked nicely into bed and think oh great I might get to bed early but oh no they had other plans. Brody woke up about 20Min's and had a fever and a nasty runny nose so we give him some medicine and off to bed he goes but not with out waking up Hyde so then he is up NOW all ready to play so he stays up and we try to tire him out and around 9 we think he is ready to go back down so we put him back into bed and go to bed ourselves... Then just as I am getting to sleep Hyde starts to cry and now he has a runny nose and is pulling at his ear and wont let me put him down so I take him into bed with me and that begins one of the LONGEST NIGHTS IN MY LIFE........ We toss and turn and toss some more until the alarm goes off...

6 am up and time to get everyone ready...
We all get dress and the fatigue had nothing on the EXCITEMENT of the day.

Breakfast was another thing no one could eat except for Hyde as he is always game for this activity and it was just way to early for Brody. We I tried to get something down Riley but was only able to get 6 bites in her and I was just very grateful that her lunch is at 10:45.

Then we took pictures and piled everyone into the car thinking we were early leaving at 7:15 when school starts at 7:40. But we where wrong everyone and there dogs and three monkeys where there to drop off there kiddos. So we finally got her into her class and there where parents crying and not wanting to leave until the last second. (and to be honest I would have loved to stay all day not because Riley needed me to be there but I missed her.) But she walked in there like she owned the place walked right up to Ms. Grant and said good morning and then was told to put her things in her cubby and I asked her do you remember where it is she goes of course mom like what are you even thinking about thinking I wouldn't. SORRY. And then it was back to her seat and I helped her put her name tag on and she goes see yeah mom! And that was it. Wow I am do glad she is such a great example to me. She pulls me out of my comfort zone and makes me grow everyday. I am so blessed to get to be her mommy.

So the day went pretty normal playing with the boys and Brody asking the first half of the day where Riley was and then just being happy to point out all of Riley's favorite things like as we were driving today and he goes mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY that is Riley's favorite turn it up she dance like this.

My favorite part of the day was after we picked her up and had gotten home I was in the kitchen making dinner and Riley came in and said mom thanks for letting me go to school I am going everyday its so much fun. And then proceeded to tell me everything and I just ate it up, loving every minute.

I am so ready for bed. But know that from now on it is going to be nonstop.

Really? Ok yeah I guess its kindof true.....

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