Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Moving Monday on Tuesday!

Ok sorry this is on Tuesday yesterday was a bad day in my house but that is a whole other post.

So actually I am two weeks behind so I'll give you all the info.....

starting weight 235 wow that is just wrong

todays weight 225 wow that is still wrong I've got a long way to meet my goal 130

I am working out everyday at my friendly gym .
This week I am also going to be doing a cleansing diet yippie. Has anyone ever done one oof these???? Did it work? Or did it just make you sick? So this is what I have planned for this week. I wish I would actually feel differently or see a change in myself. It is so hard to do the work day in and day out and to give up the foods I love OHHH cookies.... And still feel like I haven't done enough....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hydes new thing

Monday, April 21, 2008

10 reasons I rock...10 reasons I stink!

Ok so I was tagged by my good friend Ranee.. Love you Ranee but this one is really hard for me..

So here it goes.......................

10 reasons I rock.

1. I am a mother of 3 kiddos and I am not hairless or CRAZY. (At least I don't think I am crazy but hey maybe that's the worst kind of crazy when you think your normal and your really not)

2. Because I am planting a garden this year and so my family will have fresh food to eat right from there back yard.

3. I take photos of everything. OK some would say I am obsessed but I just say you have to catch life as it happens and it is always happening.

4. I make some killer good oh so yummy chocolate chip cookies ( if you want the recipe just ask)

5. I finally FINALLY after two years almost of living in here picked out and bought paint for every room in the house but the boys room still trying to come up with something that will last more then just one or two years.............

6. I have just found out that I am a person that loves I mean loves going to the gym. I feel like my day hasn't started if I don't get there.(for people who know me this is BIG)

7. Because today for lunch my kids wanted something fun so I made them oh so healthy on whole wheat bread peanut butter and chocolate chip smiley face people sandwiches. Yip I gave my kid chocolate for lunch and they loved it.... (hey its not everyday)

8. I love my family....... my husband says its because I love him but I think he means its because I put up with the fact that he is a freak of nature when it comes to baseball session. Can I say we wake up to sports center, he gets texts messages of updates through out the day, we watch the game, and most nights I fall asleep to the glow of the TV turned to you guessed it sports center good thing this only last ohhhhh a small 8 months I think out of the year...... No really I do love the guy he is my best friend the one and only that I tell my deep secrets and fears to. Love you hunny. GO RED SOX!!!!!!! ( he will be proud heheheh)

9. I like the smell of bleach.....weird I know

10. I am a great driver I have never been pulled over and never have I gotten a ticket... Watch now the next time I get into the car I'm going to get a ticket.........

10 reasons I stink.....

1. Don't spend enough quality time with my kids

2. I am a procrastinator.....

3. I don't read my scriptures daily

4. I don't always say my personal prayers daily

5. Eat to much and not good stuff

6. Haven't worked or even started my kids scrapbooks

7. Don't make my husbands lunch for him. I make him do it so I can sleep in an extra 20min's.

8. I don't manage time well. I am always feeling like I am in a rush to get to where ever I am supposed to be going to.

9. I yell to much

10. Because some days I don't go anywhere and so I stay in my pj's all day so yeah those day I get a little stinky. hehehehe sorry couldn't think of another one if I do I'll let you know..

So now I get to tag people hehehe so I tag mombabe, Laurie, Charity and Lauren

side note my post of get moving monday coming soon........

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok So I don't know what to write......

As you can see I am having a brain fart. I've been looking at every ones great meaningful blog posts lately and I start thinking to myself I can do that why can't I do that. Why didn't I think of that? Why didn't I do that with my kids. So I know I shouldn't compare my life with yours but it is so hard when you all are or look like your having so much fun. So I am setting a goal I am going to live my life not just sit back and watch yours I know lame I should have been doing this from the beginning but I'm sorry, and most mothers out there will agree. (please agree so I am not throwing myself under a bus). But it is hard to get out of the house with any amount of children to tote around you have there stuff and your stuff, will you be out when its lunch time? Will you be out during there nap time? DO you even want to try going when it could be these times? I know I feel guilty when my kids miss there nap because they get so crabby and then I get frustrated and it never ends good so I have a small window to go and do. And so for about 6months now I have just given in only going to the gym and then I'm home. But I am recommitting to myself that I will go out and if strangers look at me who cares I can't be perfect I don't even want to be. I want to be a mom and sorry folks that job isn't always pretty. But it is worth it. I love the times that I get out of no where a child coming up to me and giving me a kiss and saying I love you mom. I love being the one that gets to see the firsts... First tooth, first step, first word, first ''I love you". First time that when you teach them something they get it and you can see it in there face. So I admit I am no writer. I am mainly doing this for my kids and I want them to know that I love love love being there mom. Even when there are days yes that I don't get out of my jammies, and yes there are times that I might raise my voice to load. But in the end I LOVE MY FAMILY....
And I am doing this for me I am going to take my kids places to see things, to be involved,to learn something new and to just have fun with them. As Riley is only 4 once and Brody is only 2 once and Hyde is growing and soon will be 1 and time just goes so fast and I want to be present in the moment with my kids not just doing the motions. So if the laundry goes unfolded, the dishes not washed for a day or the floors not vacuumed for a day it will be OK. I will be OK. Because I will have known that in that time I was pushing my kids on the swing or playing a game with them on the floor or coloring at the table but I will be present with them not just with them...

Riley going down the twisty slide as she called it and not really liking it.

Daddy was home this afternoon and mom didn't feel so great so Super daddy took the kids to the park so mom could take a nap. Thank you sweety you don't even know how much that hour really helped. I love you. -Julia

Wait isn't he my baby. He can't be this big can he?

Having fun together on the slide. Riley and Brody

Full speed ahead Brody driving the playground what he called the pirate ship.

Riley going down the slide age 4.5

Brody upside down age 2.5 years

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!

So today is my sisters birthday and she is the big.....................OK I'm not that mean I won't tell the world how old you are Sarah..
So I am not very close with my sisters they are older then we and our paths never really crossed. But I love you Sarah. So here it goes 10 fabulously wonderful things about Sarah..

1. She is a wonderful Photographer

2. Has a ear for fabulous music

3. Gives really good hugs

4. Has a contagious laugh

5. Always goes with the flow

6. Has beautiful green eyes

7. Is always full of life

8. I think she would make a wonderful mother

9. She is always willing to learn new things

10.SMART...... super Smart she was in the who's who's in High School

I love you Sarah. I hope your Birthday was fabulous

Monday, April 14, 2008


Monday morning. Ahh why is monday the hardest day to get going? Or is it just my family that has a hard time getting up and going? Are we doing to much over the weekend to make it harder on mondays? I dont know I just know that this morning when the alarm went off at 6:30 I turned it off and just layed back down and waited to hear if the kids were going to get up No Nothing not a sound so I closed my eyes and fell back into the warm covers and soft pillow. Until I heard soft quite happy voices playing so nicely all together. WOW was I dreaming??? No the voices where really my sweet kids talking and makeing the baby laugh so hard. So after everyone got breakfast and they asked so nicely if they could please just watch cartoons and go to the gym later I caved in and so this morning we are still in our jammies watching cartoons and just loving being lazy....
But as for working out goes. I went to the gym everyday but one day last week a we had a dr's appointment on that day in the complete opposite direction.. And I was weighed and messured the last time I meet with my trainer and my neck was down a whole 5 inches and that I think is the only place on me that is getting skinny. So if you see me look at my skinny neck and nothing eles...
But my goal for this week is to make my life excuse proof. Like I could just make this day a total waist but I am not going to I am going to just let us relax this morning and go this afternoon. But it doesnt matter when I go as long as I do go....
Also I am not going to look at the scale this week until Friday that is a big thing for me because it sits in my bathroom and if I walk past it I feel like I need to check my weight so I check it like atleast 2 to 3 times a day. And man that is hard on the emotions. So no more I will only check it once a week.
Also mombabe asked what our motivation is???? I think mine is that I dont want to be my mother. I want to have the energy to run and go with my kids at any age. I want to beable to walk into any store and beable to fit into the style of clothing that is in style at the time. I want to feel happy about myself and my body. I want to feel sexy for my husband.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Slacker! Random

OK so I am a slacker... I haven't posted anything since Monday... You may ask Why not Julia? Hum my answer would be because I did NOTHING interesting... And I mean nothing.
In the past couple of days I've done 8 loads of Laundry and strange thing I think I still have more how is that?I've been to the Gym everyday Yippie for me getting off my butt. And then made a trip to Ikea OK that was a little exciting because I got to go shopping with only one child out of three and no no I didn't leave them in the car or at the house I took them with me. But you see Brody is finally totally potty trained so he and Riley get to go play in the play house at Ikea Yippee so more bored kiddos while mommy shops.

Oh we did get invite to a friends home tomorrow afternoon to watch the Red Sox, Yankees game Oh boy wish me luck as the husbands are fans of opposite teams. Fingers crossed it doesn't end in blood or hating each other forever. OK so I need help for fun ideas for little ones? That we can keep them busy while we watch the game ages from I think 7 yrs to 8m.. and everything in the middle. So any help I would be very thankful for.

Also while checking out blogs I found this post it is really great you have to check it out athttp://thegabblog.blogspot.com/.

OK so there is my boring and random blog sorry if you are totally confused. I am known in my family and close friends as Captain Random.. Welcome to my world hehehehehe

Monday, April 7, 2008

Get Moving Monday

Ok I am beginning to think that Mombabe and I are one in the same person. If you would like to check that out for yourself this is where she is http://www.thebinghambabes.blogspot.com/. But her post is almost the same things that I've been thinking about all week ever since I went in for my weigh in with my trainer. Which as soon as I saw the scale only move 1lb lower -sigh- ONLY 1lb? Was not eating Ice cream really worth it? DO I really want to be a size 4 or heck even a size 10 again really that bad? And the answer to all is yes but I WANT IT NOW.. And as nicely as Scottie my trainer says well how long did it take you to put the weight on.. UMMMMMM lets see here 3 babies so 9 time 3 equals 27 long month with nursing in the middle of all that and still nursing my youngest. And I am not one of those women who when they nurse it all just melts away no no no I am like a fat happy milking cow in her Pasteur just eating and being milked and loving life. So I am glad to report that I did go get some new clothes just like mombabe see again. And now feel like a new women. So watch out world here I come I am going to do it even if its only 3 months into the long 27 or more month journey to get it all off again.

So for what I am going to do this week is I am going to work out at least 4 times this week and I am going to remind myself that its ok to be happy with the person I am right now and that I will be the person or body I should say in time..... Also I am going to be looking more into the ABS diet Ive heard really good things about it. Also I think that since it is nice outside now we the kiddos and I will start taking walks in the evening. Should be fun.

So what are your goals for this week?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so this post is more of what I've been thinking and some questions for you???

Do you have a daily scheadule? How close do you follow it?

When did you get married? Do you ever feel like it was to young?

If you were not married with or without children what would you be doing?

I not saying I don't absolutely love what I do or where I am in my life. But do you ever look at other peoples lives and go why? Where did all my talent go oh it must have gone to them. Do I even have talent? Sorry I just am trying to find out what I am really good at.

What is your talent?
How did you find out your talent/passion in life?
Am I just not looking at what I do have as a talent? Who knows. Just thought I would throw this out there and see where is goes and I'll search and be back to answer all my own questions....