Monday, April 21, 2008

10 reasons I rock...10 reasons I stink!

Ok so I was tagged by my good friend Ranee.. Love you Ranee but this one is really hard for me..

So here it goes.......................

10 reasons I rock.

1. I am a mother of 3 kiddos and I am not hairless or CRAZY. (At least I don't think I am crazy but hey maybe that's the worst kind of crazy when you think your normal and your really not)

2. Because I am planting a garden this year and so my family will have fresh food to eat right from there back yard.

3. I take photos of everything. OK some would say I am obsessed but I just say you have to catch life as it happens and it is always happening.

4. I make some killer good oh so yummy chocolate chip cookies ( if you want the recipe just ask)

5. I finally FINALLY after two years almost of living in here picked out and bought paint for every room in the house but the boys room still trying to come up with something that will last more then just one or two years.............

6. I have just found out that I am a person that loves I mean loves going to the gym. I feel like my day hasn't started if I don't get there.(for people who know me this is BIG)

7. Because today for lunch my kids wanted something fun so I made them oh so healthy on whole wheat bread peanut butter and chocolate chip smiley face people sandwiches. Yip I gave my kid chocolate for lunch and they loved it.... (hey its not everyday)

8. I love my family....... my husband says its because I love him but I think he means its because I put up with the fact that he is a freak of nature when it comes to baseball session. Can I say we wake up to sports center, he gets texts messages of updates through out the day, we watch the game, and most nights I fall asleep to the glow of the TV turned to you guessed it sports center good thing this only last ohhhhh a small 8 months I think out of the year...... No really I do love the guy he is my best friend the one and only that I tell my deep secrets and fears to. Love you hunny. GO RED SOX!!!!!!! ( he will be proud heheheh)

9. I like the smell of bleach.....weird I know

10. I am a great driver I have never been pulled over and never have I gotten a ticket... Watch now the next time I get into the car I'm going to get a ticket.........

10 reasons I stink.....

1. Don't spend enough quality time with my kids

2. I am a procrastinator.....

3. I don't read my scriptures daily

4. I don't always say my personal prayers daily

5. Eat to much and not good stuff

6. Haven't worked or even started my kids scrapbooks

7. Don't make my husbands lunch for him. I make him do it so I can sleep in an extra 20min's.

8. I don't manage time well. I am always feeling like I am in a rush to get to where ever I am supposed to be going to.

9. I yell to much

10. Because some days I don't go anywhere and so I stay in my pj's all day so yeah those day I get a little stinky. hehehehe sorry couldn't think of another one if I do I'll let you know..

So now I get to tag people hehehe so I tag mombabe, Laurie, Charity and Lauren

side note my post of get moving monday coming soon........


Laurie said...

Thanks for the tag! I think I'll do it the other way around - the stinky stuff first - so I'm not bummed all day!! :)

You're awesome!!

Regan said...

Hey, Julia! I saw you post on Amber's blog and decided to check out yours! It is very cute. I want your cookie recipe, please!!

Sports Blog said...

hey... both ladies who posted on here, have your hubbies check out my blog.

Julias Husband