Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel like I have failed again:(

Today has been a bad day. I feel like I never can get everything done that needs or that we want to get done. I mean today I got up before everyone eles was awake except for Robert as for about now I would guess 3 weeks sence he got the permotion to be manager he has been getting up and leaving for work before its even 7. So anyway today I get up and the baby is still sleeping and so are the other two so I head for the shower but then as I am getting in I hear GOODMORNING BUBBA, knowing that means Riley is up and any moment the baby how she is calling bubba is going to be woken up any second and as soon as his little eyes are open he is hungry and feed him know because its been oh 1 hr sence his last feeding so I have to turn the shower off and come back and feed Hyde and just as I am doing that Brody wakes up so now its going to be a hugh chore to get into the shower (as is why I havent seen one in 3days and really need one today as I have to go out in public) So I finsh feeding Hyde and get Riley and Brody watching t.v. and Run through the shower and getting out just in time as the baby that was happy on the bed is now haveing two big syblings jumping all around him ahhhhhhhhh. So I finally get dressed and now its time to get the kids dressed. And after telling Riley you cant wear jammies and a shirt for the 12th time and she finally understands and goes and gets a pair of shorts thank goodness. I get Hyde dressed but he is now getting hungry again. And now the hunt begans for Brody. I chase him up the stairs and down and in his room and finally catch him to have him kick me and say no mom. I get him dressed and now we are all hungry and its 9am we started at 7am. wow I really felt like going back to bed and saying I am done but couldnt I had Visiting Teaching at 10 so I get them somthing to eat and throw a nutrigrain bar at myself well I feed Hyde again as I am hoping if I do it now maybe he will be good and not need to eat during the visit. Then we get them in the car and its another fit to get Brody to get into his seat and not to just buckle it and unbuckle it as he loves to do that. And it seems like when I really need Riley to just jump in and buckle her seat belt she becomes all thumbs and refuses to buckle it. SIGH so we are in the car and I feel like what am I doing. I must be crazy. We go to the ladies home and it was beautiful and she was so nice but by the time we left it was a mess my kids were left out and were not happy the entire time 1 1/2 hours we were there ( oh my gosh I really need to get a watch). So I tried my hardest to get her house put back together and left with telling her all the way out I am so sorry sorry sorry. And loaded them back into the car and with courage went to Sam's club to get milk for the week. Oh was that a bad idea first we get there and the baby is hungry. so we have to sit in the car and feed him for 20mins. Then Riley doesnt want to sit in the cart and so then in turn Brody doesnt want to sit in the cart finally I get everyone in the cart. I'll I need is Milk but we have to stop every 5 mins to taste something eles and everyone says oh yes mom I will eat it but they never do so who eats it me ( this again doesnt help with my exercize program and waistline:).) So we finally got the milk and then had to wait in line to check out always so exciting. Then we get home and its lunch time and time to get ready to go down for naps. Oh what did I do wrong I just feel like I can never get it done as all Ive gotten for food this week is milk and still have to battle the crazy at Walmart. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! And on top of that I am feeling that I am not doing my job in the ward and that I am not doing the everyday little things that the prophet has asked us to do like personal and family and couple prayers and FHE and reading my scriptures daily. Wow just were is the time how do people do it all? Why can't I figure it out? What am I doing wrong? Anyway the kids are up now so I get to try all over again and go to Walmart yeppie.