Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Moving Monday!

OK so this week has been a for lack of a better word hard one. It all started on Sunday when the latest headach wowes hit(read previous post). Then Brody burned his hand on the stove. He still has little blisters on the tips of his fingers but he is young and tells me he's ok mom. I love that boy so much. But so for the update on the weight so far this week I only made it to the Gym once on Friday which was alot harder on my then I thought it would be. It is really becoming a habit yippie I am so excited. I have always dreamed of being one of those skinny girls that goes everyday and loves it. And can eat whatever she wants. hehe see I have my reasons. But I had a weigh in with Scottie on Friday and he also measured me which I was more happy with those results then with the scale. So the scale was down a big one pound but over all I was down 6 full inches. YEAH!!! Our challenge last week was to drink water until we thought we were going to turn into fish but I didn't do so well as when a headach hits I just shut down and my body just doesnt need or want anything. But this weeks is something that sounds fun but alittle harder. It is to have a salad everyday. Good luck.