Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change of attitude

So here is the deal.... I haven't always been the most outspoken political person (it's me, the husband here), but I'm also not an idiot. During the election season/process, whatever you may choose to call it, I was one of two republicans in the office that I work. I freely admit that I did vote on my party lines, but do not consider myself, necessarily, in agreement with all the views of the republican party. During that process, however, I did feel that I received un-due criticism from some of the other people in my office because of my "declared" political alignment. I admit that I did lose some respect for now President Obama solely on the actions of other democrats that I know. Flash forward roughly 3 months.

With the employment that I have; I have the opportunity to be in peoples houses and interact with them on a 1 on 1 basis. I often deal with people that are not necessarily what most would consider young. I had an experience with one such person today. Her name is Mrs. Williams. Now Mrs. Williams is an 80+ year old lady. One that has lived in the south (Austin, TX) her entire life. She went to a segregated high school, remembers going to rallys where Dr. King spoke, and lived through the hatred of the civil rights movement. I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful woman today. This woman went and bought a TV for the sole purpose of watching the inaguration today. She woke up at 5 in the morning so she could get her errands done to be home for the 7 AM start of the TV coverage. The portion of todays events that I was able to see with this woman was the inagural parade when President Obama was WALKING down the street hand in hand with his wife. The new respect I have gained for this man was sparked by this man walking down the street. He showed no fear in his eye, although some crazy person would love to make a memory of himself by causing this man harm. He seems like one of the guys that you could invite over to watch the super bowl. He seems human. Now I am not that old, a mere 27 years, but I have read history books and talked to my parents and grand parents. The last president to have this type of appearence was Kennedy. I am in no way changing my political stances, but just sharing my change of opinion. I just have one word of advice (not like he'll read our blog anyways), but just please try to do what you say.

Good luck President Obama, may you be open to the inspiration of our Heavenly Father in guiding our country.