Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Brody!!

So today was Brody's 3rd Birthday and it was a great busy day. We got up early so we could get Riley to her reading class and then we ran to the store and got a few things for our trip to the pool. And then were off to pick Riley up which is Brody's favorite as he gets to play on the playground outside until she is ready.

Then we headed home and got our swim stuff on and the cooler stuffed with goodies and out the door we went to Kelden's house to get him and his mommy to go to the pool. And we played and splashed and had a picnic lunch at the pool we where there for 3 hours it was great.

Then we got to go to dinner at Brody's favorite pizza place and came home and ate his race car cake. I found the idea on the Internet one day after asking him what kind of car do you want. I think it turned out cute and yummy. What do you think? Thanks to everyone who help make Brody's birthday such a special one.....

I love you so much you are a great addition to our family. You always can make me smile. You are always so kind and gentle to others. You are all boy. As like this morning you came out of the bathroom saying hey mom hey mom look look at my butt I go gross no way but then you go hahaha you smell my butt it smells like poop. Yep your my son. Yet when we go across the street you say mom you hold my hand so you don't get lost. I love you I love you. I love it when you laugh I love it when you dance and shake your booty, I love your smile, I love it when you go flying through the house because your superman. I love you because your my little boy. Thank you for being mine.
Love ,