Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Home Evening

My kids love to dance to bad this was taken with my phone I wish I would have gotten the baby it was so cute he was sitting just out of the frame and he was wiggling his legs to cute...

I hope you guys had a great family night.

Get Moving Monday

So Today is Monday and I am finally feeling like am back in the world.... I didnt check in last week way to much going on ... Few I so glad that is all done and over with... fingers crossed. So this week was really good. I ate good and keeped up on my food journal. I even got to the gym on Saturday and meet with my trainer Scotty.

Ok so this relationship with Scotty is a love Hate one. Because I am still sore today all over from the "workout" killing he put me through.. hehehe He had me run up and down the stairs in the gym yippie me for all to see.. But hey my butt isnt as low and sad looking as it used to be... I still am not losing a ton of weight on the scale but my numbers in the measuring tape are going down and my clothes are fitting better....

So my goals this week are to get all the bad foods out of my house. (hopefully hubby doesnt bring anymore in) and to get to the gym atleast 3 times and to workout at home atleast 2..

Do you guys have any great ideas that could help me meet my goal or do you want to join in on the fun then check out she is great. Check in next week maybe it will be the week i lose big....

Thanks for all the support..