Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Headaches / Questions

OK so to kind of give you an idea about Mondays I think it was Mondays post and what it was for. And to maybe be able to get some ideas from you all..
My background.. When I was 8 yrs old I started having headaches there was one day that It hurt so bad and my whole right side of my face got swollen. I have had CT scans with and without contrast I have had MRI's and there is nothing going on with my brain. I was on and off medications trying to find out what worked until I was 17 that is when I found what worked for me. Topomax. Life saver. But as I have been married and gotten pregnant for the first time that is when I had to stop taking it, and just when I am done nursing and start back on it we know it is time to add someone else to our family. So now that my baby is almost 12 months old this is about when I stop nursing my babies. But the question that is going on in my head is what do I do. I know for sure that I we want more children but I also know that I want to be at a healthier weight and feel better about me for awhile. Is this selfish? Part of me says heck no you need to take some time for yourself you are young you will be able to do it all. But then I think why not just get it all done and then work on myself latter. How do you find what is best? So I have been doing allot of thinking in between the pain this week and talking to Dr's and others. And on Monday I am going to start with trying to find out what makes my migraines worse. I am going to take everything out of my diet and add things back in one at a time. My question to you is have you every heard of anything like this? If you have was there a plan to follow? As of right now I am going on a whim I am just going to start like you would with a baby. So any help you can give me would be fantastic. I am also off to the Doctor to see what he thinks. But sometimes I feel like telling him OK I understand you don't have all the answers but hey you know its OK to let me know that you don't have a clue what is wrong and that this new pill isn't the miracle drug and you don't get my hopes up by telling me ill be better in 3 to 5 days ill be OK with that.
OK so sorry for venting it has been a hard week. My kids are running around like there crazy as we haven't done much more then watch movies. And dad has been making dinner so not as healthy as they could be the dishes are not done and haven't been since Sunday. SO yeah they are really pilling up. The laundry is ever growing as the last time it was looked at was Friday. So forgive me for my mood. My next post will be better I promise and also Ill post my Mondays update later today.