Monday, July 27, 2009

us being silly and uncle Bryan

sorry they are all sideways I don't know how to rotate . We were able to have my brother come over for about a month this summer he was a great help and we had a lot of fun. He did so many little jobs that needed to be done around the house while Robert was going back and forth from Waco. He also would play with the kids when I was just to tired or sick to do so. We did get to go to six flags a couple of times and he got Robert and Riley to go on so many more rides then they ever would have. We also would get really silly and goofy with him in the house. IT was a lot of fun. Thanks Bryan for coming and putting a smile on our faces.

Happy Brithday Baby Girl!!

Dear Riley Paige or ReeRee,

You have brought some much to our home. 6 years ago today you are the one who made me a mom. You have taught me how to love another even more then I ever thought I was capable of doing. As you grow you are more and more like your dad. You are very out going and LOUD... we all know when you are not happy or when you are very happy.

This morning you woke up before the sun was even out and came running in asking me before I even had knew it. If I was going to tell you Happy Birthday! You decided to go to work today with dad. I hope you have a lot of fun with him.

You can make me crazy at times but I love you to death. You are a great helper around the house and you are willing to do whatever you can. If I let you you would I think take over the world. As just the other day I wasn't feeling good so we couldn't go to the pool and you go "oh mom I would be more then happy to watch the boys at the pool so you could rest". Sometimes I think you are much older then you really are.

I can't believe my baby girl which I am greatful you still let me call you but no one eles can. hehe sorry Robert.. Is 6 you are growing up way to fast. I hope you know that your family loves you very much. And we are so happy you choose to be part of our family. We can't wait to see what you have instore for us this next year.

Love, Mom

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So Riley has been begging me to cut her hair and I just didnt either have the time or energy to do it until today.

So here is the before and after pictures.

Wow does she look so much older and just in time for her 6th birthday on Monday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hyde wow you grew so fast.

Dear Hyde,

You are such a little man. I am always telling dad that you are the oldest 2 yr old I have ever known. You get out of so much with the turn of your head and silly smile or the funny way you say "Sorry mommy". You almost always get away with more then your brother or sister. And I have a feeling this is going to bite me on the behind as soon as your little sitter gets here. When we ask you where the baby is you go "I the Baby". You know how to pull on your daddy's heart strings. If he gets home late from work you will get up and just want to snuggle with him.

You always make me smile. You are totally in love with your brother and sister and I just love how the first thing you do when you get home from going on an adventure with dad.(aka a ride in the car) you run past me to get to them. You are such a blessing in our home. Even when you were a baby you were always willing to just go with the flow.

We hope you had a wonderful birthday full of swimming and playing and yummy food. I love you tons. Even when you give me puppy dog kisses all over my face. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

snack time.. random

So this afternoon I was checking my email and got one from my new ward. They are asking me to type up a few paragraphs about myself so they can get to know me better. No questions just off the top of my head.

So my question to you is how would you do this is it was you? And do you find it easy to talk or write about yourselfs? It is not my favorite thing to do. But I guess I'll get over my fear and just do it.

On the other hand all afternoon I was busy making dinner not for us but for a little family that just had there first baby. And man did it smell yummy.. Apricot chicken with almond couscous or however it is spelled and broccoli.. So have way though I hadn't gone to the store and was out of bread but really wanted a snack so I opened my fridge and what did I see.. Peanut butter yes it is in the fridge it is to dang hot here in Texas people it melts hello. And cheddar cheese. Yes cheese and flour tortillas. So I open the tortillas and peanut butter and spread it on then cut the cheese really thin and place it on top then rolled the thing up. Oh man was it soooooo yummy. I know I know your thinking cheese and peanut butter. But go and try it before you knock it. I bet you anything you will love it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have made it to 20weeks! We are very happy that we have been blessed that we have made it though all the ruff times. Thanks for all the help and support.