Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend update!!

This weekend was very long and busy and the whole time I could have kicked myself for forgetting my camera.... kick.. kick.. kick...

So here we go Friday it started out great it was the first day of my trying to get more out of my days. Our old routine started at 7 and we would get up eat and then head to the gym but that would take most of the morning we were missing out on play dates, park days and going to the library: (. Because our afternoons are full of naps and and making dinner and playing with daddy. So Friday I got up at 4 to get to the gym and home before Robert had to leave for work by 7. And it worked. I was so happy to come home dressed and ready for the day. My kids where just getting up and where so happy. We got to take the morning easy there was not hurry and eat so we can go there was time to have fun. Side note( did you see we made it on the blogher ads top blogs for the day for having fun together yes to say the lest I was excited.) So We got a lot done and had time to go and play at Going Bananas up in Austin great place to let the kids run rain or shine. If you haven't gone you should try it out. It was a great day.

Saturday was a great fun day too. We all sleeped in until 7:30. And then got going and headed to Jamba Juice love that place they have the best chocolate brownie cookies. We have to go there at least 3 times a week. As these tasty treats are full of omega 3 and are really helping Brody's eczema. They we took off to the mall to just look and ended up at the salon and I finally got waxed as we are not at least right now planning on going to Arizona where the best lady in the world for waxing is. Jill I miss you you are so great. If you are there in AZ you should go see her she is at Body Works in Gilbert. Tell her hi for me.. Then we walked over to Nordstoms and I got my make up done. That is so nice I think all moms should do this at least once a month if not more. Then we were off to a early dinner and the triple A baseball game as here in Austin there isn't a major league team. But that too is super fun. The stadium is so great. Sorry no pics. There was a great play area for the kids. Which is great as we all know the games can be long and its hard to sit for so long. But we had a lot of fun and even though it was a long day I didn't get into bed until 1 am it was all worth it...

Sunday- It was Stake Conference. And we were made into a new stake. We are no part of the Kyle Stake. We also have a new Stake Presidency which right now I honestly don't know there names as I was out in the hall for most of it. We are very excited to be here and part of the church growing. We also had a friend of Robert's from high school in Alaska. She and her family just moved down here for the summer. We had lasagna and let the kids play and we talked. It was a lot of fun and Then I got the kids in bed they were so tired Brody crashed on the couch at 6 and then Riley was ready for bed by 6:30 and Hyde was out by 6:45 wow all in bed and happy by 7 it was great. Robert and I got to have some time just the two of us and then I got to watch my two favorite shows Desperate housewife's and then Brother's and Sister's and was in bed and sleeping by 10pm what a great weekend.

I hope your weekend was just as great.