Saturday, September 29, 2007


OK so here it goes. I've never done this before but it seems like a great way of getting my frustrations and excitement and my generology all down and out there for whoever and mostly my kids and family to see when they need it. And also when my kids are older and go mom when I was (insert age) what was our life like and so on. So just to worn you I like to ramble and so like it or lump it.

WOW so time goes by so fast. It was like yesterday that Robert and I got married and were living in a small and I mean tiny apartment. With no kids and now after 5 years of marriage we 2months ago had our 3rd precious baby. And for me that is really hard for me to say not to say I dont love and adore my children but I think I am alittle messed up that when my babies first come into my life I don't feel all the emotions like most mothers or what most mothers are supposed to feel after having a baby. But each baby is so different and so unique and speical and bring something so great into your life.

So whateles, oh well I guess I should tell you about us. I mean if its going to be call the whitmer clan then heck you should know who that is.

Well there is Robert the orignal Whitmer he is my hunky husband who is 26 and is a great man.
He is a Red Socks fan to the death. And love to play,watch, eat and sleep baseball. He also loves to watch and play basketball. He is a great dad and loves his kids so much. Like the other day he was in a car accident and he was in the er and I has seen him and he was doing fine but was waiting for the drs to clear him and he knew that I had taken the kids to the dr earlier that day for well check ups and he calls me back into the room just to ask how Hyde did at his check up. I was like he is wonderful and your crazy your straped to a backboard and you or thinking about how much your son weighs. He is so cute... I love him..

Then there is me Julia I am 24 wow I am so old hehehe. I am the mom or the 3 kiddos. I love to play with my kids and right now its playing duck duck goose with Brody and Riley. I also love to go shopping for anything mostly clothes and shoes. whateles after all I am a girl. I also love to hang out with great friends. Work on my scrapbook but havent really gotten it out sence Riley was born I know bad me she is 4 I should be doing better. I like to say I like to do photography but I am not really good at it. I guess I should say that I just like to look at great pictures of my kids and just great photos of anything. And wish that I could to that. I love to back yummy fattening goodies.

Riley she is 4 and thinks she needs to get married yesterday. She is so grown up that its scary. I look at her and think wow she is wonderful and just full of life. She is such a great happy friendly loveing person. She loves animals and coloring and playdough being outside and playing games like candy land and shoots and ladders. She also loves when I do her nails such a girly girl. yet when she is playing with the boys she can hold her own.

Brody he is 2 and full of life and everywhere. Some days I think he is going to drive me crazy and then he will come up to me and give me the best hug and kiss or just say "hi mom" ans smile and it just makes it all go away. He loves his Cars and Lightening McQueen. He also loves doing puzzels and playing outside.

Hyde he is 2 months old and is such a sweet baby waits for mom to get a free hand and then smiles and just says I love you with his eyes as he looks at you like he is looking right at your soul. Right now he loves to eat and sleep and mess his pants. hhehehe just wait soon he will be all over the place with his brother and sister.

We are so glad to have these great, wonderful sprits in our home and to learn and grow with them.

Well I hope that is what I was supposed to do. I guess I should say good bye as my battery is dyeing and everyone in my house is asleep and I am not not a good thing.