Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Much to do about nothing..

OK so where to start when you really have nothing of importance to write about. So the last 2 weeks I have been stuck at home with a sick and then two sick kiddos. One that decided to go and get impetigo. What what is that anyway so we have visit our lovely doctor friend yet again and have now been on our fantastic medicine for almost a week. So Brody is slowly and surely getting better.

So we haven't been out much so in turn don't have much to blog about other then the fact that in the last two weeks we have watched Car's the movie at least once if not twice a day as it is one of the only things that makes him sit quietly for any amount of time. As also it is the time of the year that his asthma flairs up so if he does to much he can't breath.

Riley is really loving school. She can't wait to go every morning and if I would let her not eat breakfast and just go whenever she wants she would be there at 6:30am. I have told her over and over that if it is still dark outside the school isn't open and the teachers wont even be there. Her solution is that this just mean that she can be the one to open it. And today since it was the first day Brody could be out we decided it would be fun to go into the school to pick Riley up from her class when her teacher called to her to come she looks up and says "OH MOM this is not the way your supposed to do it. You need to pick me up with the car."

Tomorrow is Riley's first piano lesson with a wonderfully talented sister in our ward. I just hope Riley can sit long enough to actually listen to what she is needing to learn. She asked me tonight if I could go to HEB a local grocery store while she is at piano tomorrow. I asked her why and she goes that way you can be late to pick me up and I can play with wonderful ladies daughter. CRAZY.

So what else have we or I been up to oh I finally got some time to start the down stairs paint or to continue working on it. As so far so good I will post pictures when I am done.

In other news I guess some excitement did happen and I almost forgot. We are having to get our house repainted. AHH you ask didn't you just do that. And I would say oh yes but it wasn't done right and now after a good rain is washing off...... We also got a new computer so I am really sad right now as that is where all ALL my pictures of my kids from last year around September until now are on that computer and there is no way to get them off that I know of so if you have any ideas or now a great computer person please let me know..

Also to all those moms out there that have kids in school or had kids in school how to you be a great school mom. I mean I want to help and be active in my children's school but what is the best way and is there to much? Is there things that any teacher would love and needs? I know that this is crazy but I just don't want to be one of these parents that doesn't know what is going on in school with my kids.

So there you go I will try and gets some pictures and have a more exciting week now that we are back to a more normal state around here.