Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow to breath again....

So we just got home from the DR. And my blood work looked great and the Dr isn't as concerned. He says I am just feeling this pregnancy more. Which is VERY true. I am so glad for answers to prayers. I just couldn't stop thinking how was Robert going to do it all. He has a very busy work schedule as it is. And he has already taken alot of the extra I normally do on. Coming home in the middle of the day to get Brody and make lunch for the boys. And then even if he has to work late coming home to either bring dinner or help make it. Then if he had to going back out to work. CRAZY I know.  So I am happy to just me on the take it easy don't do to much plan for now. So life can get back to normal in little ways around here. Not so much take out and a little more home cooking. SO there is the Update.
I hope your having a great day...

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And Have a Wonderful DAY!!!!
SO Nervous I could puke.