Sunday, January 25, 2009

My new blog

So Mombabe has been drugged up and laid up for the last few weeks and while she should be recovering she made this lovely blog background for me.....

I love it!! I can't thanks her enough. If you love it too you should check her out here she did that header too. Then head over to her blog and give her some love

Wow all I can say is Wow I wish I was as talented as she is.

Love it mombabe thanks so much!!!!!!

Way behind SORRY!!! Good News

So Tuesday the 20th we went back to the specialist to get the results of the kidney biopsy...

Brody has Minimal Change Disease. In other word is it where for no reason your body starts to attack itself and this disease attacks the kidneys. We hope that since this disease is so rare something like 1 in 300,000 that we will also be lucky and he will be one that out grows it before he hits adulthood. This was also the least sever on the list of the things they where testing for.

So we started treatment which is a course of steroids that in return for killing all the bad things it also makes is immunity to other things lower. So for the next 1 to 3 months we might not be going to many places. And we will also be testing his urine daily for along time. But hopefully when we go back to the specialist in February that we will get more good news that this is working and that we will not have to go with the stronger stuff.