Wednesday, October 31, 2007

coming soon

Coming soon Halloween pictures......


Sunday, October 21, 2007

I got tagged so this is about me!!!

I got tagged by Ranee, so here goes!

Four Jobs I have had are:
Babysitter, cashier at Chef Brads, a cleaning lady and a receptionist at the Countertop Store

Favorite T.V. Shows:
Ok so since T.V seems like my whole life to the outside world I like alot of it.. But my favorite is Talk Shows any of them but nothing like Maury or Jerry but Oprah and The Today show, TLC most anything on that channel, Brothers and Sisters on Sunday nights just because I wish my family was like that.

Places I've Been:
California, Utah, Rhode Island and Boston and hope to go to many other places

Favorite Foods:
CHOCOLATE ANYTHING!!!! But I love for real food Hawiian Haystackes and anything yummy

Books I love:
who has time to read hehehe the last thing I read was Dark Angel and it was really good about a pioneer girl and a man who saves her. also I love how to books anything that can teach me something.

Things I enjoy!
A hot bath with yummy smelling bubbles with a good book or just with a enya cd.( havent had one of these in along time) Shopping love that especailly when I find a great deal. Just playing with my kids really playing like getting outside and rolling in the grass or swinging on the swingset.

Well, I hope I answered all the questions! Now...I tag Annie Faulk.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Wow why does it seem like everything happens on Saturday whatever happened to the Saturdays when I was little where then NEVER seemed to end. Now they are gone in a blink of an eye.

So here is just alittle of what we did..................

First I got up and swept and was going to mop but little ones got up so went on to making breakfast for everyone.
Then showers and getting ready as that is always SO MUCH FUN:)
Then Robert had I dont know how many different places he could or should or had to be at all at one time what do they think he is some super human from Heroes hehehhee.
Even though he thinks he really is one.
I got a friends Husband aka Joe to stand in for Robert. He got to watch Riley and Brody for me so that Annie (his wife) and I could go to our SUPER SATURDAY!!! (wow this is really starting to sound like an episode of Heroes hehehe) So we went there and didnt get all the things we wanted out of that so headed to Hobbie Lobby to get more Crafty goodness and bring it home so we could pretend to act like we know what we are doing. And to relieve Joe and now Robert back from his many destinations, from the kiddos. Then we worked on our crafts. Then Joe and Annie left to go to dinner at there families home. And we decided to go to Gattitown so we loaded everyone up and took off....
Wow why are there School buses out on a saturday so we decided to just go to TGIFriday's Oh yummy. And we didnt have any food thrown on the floor double thumbs up...
Then we went to the NEW Super Target (hehe back to the super hero thing eheheh ok its all in my head I know anyway) And its so great to have one finally close we really missed having a real target here in Texas. Then we got home and got the kids ready for bed and wow where did the day go??
So now we are off to bed so that we can get up for church in the morning (wish us luck)...

Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel like I have failed again:(

Today has been a bad day. I feel like I never can get everything done that needs or that we want to get done. I mean today I got up before everyone eles was awake except for Robert as for about now I would guess 3 weeks sence he got the permotion to be manager he has been getting up and leaving for work before its even 7. So anyway today I get up and the baby is still sleeping and so are the other two so I head for the shower but then as I am getting in I hear GOODMORNING BUBBA, knowing that means Riley is up and any moment the baby how she is calling bubba is going to be woken up any second and as soon as his little eyes are open he is hungry and feed him know because its been oh 1 hr sence his last feeding so I have to turn the shower off and come back and feed Hyde and just as I am doing that Brody wakes up so now its going to be a hugh chore to get into the shower (as is why I havent seen one in 3days and really need one today as I have to go out in public) So I finsh feeding Hyde and get Riley and Brody watching t.v. and Run through the shower and getting out just in time as the baby that was happy on the bed is now haveing two big syblings jumping all around him ahhhhhhhhh. So I finally get dressed and now its time to get the kids dressed. And after telling Riley you cant wear jammies and a shirt for the 12th time and she finally understands and goes and gets a pair of shorts thank goodness. I get Hyde dressed but he is now getting hungry again. And now the hunt begans for Brody. I chase him up the stairs and down and in his room and finally catch him to have him kick me and say no mom. I get him dressed and now we are all hungry and its 9am we started at 7am. wow I really felt like going back to bed and saying I am done but couldnt I had Visiting Teaching at 10 so I get them somthing to eat and throw a nutrigrain bar at myself well I feed Hyde again as I am hoping if I do it now maybe he will be good and not need to eat during the visit. Then we get them in the car and its another fit to get Brody to get into his seat and not to just buckle it and unbuckle it as he loves to do that. And it seems like when I really need Riley to just jump in and buckle her seat belt she becomes all thumbs and refuses to buckle it. SIGH so we are in the car and I feel like what am I doing. I must be crazy. We go to the ladies home and it was beautiful and she was so nice but by the time we left it was a mess my kids were left out and were not happy the entire time 1 1/2 hours we were there ( oh my gosh I really need to get a watch). So I tried my hardest to get her house put back together and left with telling her all the way out I am so sorry sorry sorry. And loaded them back into the car and with courage went to Sam's club to get milk for the week. Oh was that a bad idea first we get there and the baby is hungry. so we have to sit in the car and feed him for 20mins. Then Riley doesnt want to sit in the cart and so then in turn Brody doesnt want to sit in the cart finally I get everyone in the cart. I'll I need is Milk but we have to stop every 5 mins to taste something eles and everyone says oh yes mom I will eat it but they never do so who eats it me ( this again doesnt help with my exercize program and waistline:).) So we finally got the milk and then had to wait in line to check out always so exciting. Then we get home and its lunch time and time to get ready to go down for naps. Oh what did I do wrong I just feel like I can never get it done as all Ive gotten for food this week is milk and still have to battle the crazy at Walmart. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! And on top of that I am feeling that I am not doing my job in the ward and that I am not doing the everyday little things that the prophet has asked us to do like personal and family and couple prayers and FHE and reading my scriptures daily. Wow just were is the time how do people do it all? Why can't I figure it out? What am I doing wrong? Anyway the kids are up now so I get to try all over again and go to Walmart yeppie.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Bryan ( he can always make me smile)

Roland and Ethan. Ethan just got home from his mission what a goof. and Roland came to see him all the way from California.

Sarah and Riley who keeped calling her Aunt Melissa and Sarah keeped calling Riley lulu.
Pete and Ranee out with us at dinner it was so fun just the 5 of us as we took Hyde.
Miguel and Chellie, Pena and her daughter and Roberts dad they came all the way from LA to help with the blessing of Hyde.

We have been blessed with alot of awesome people that love us and we love them

more pictures to come.
hehe I think I am addicted

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crazy Life

Ok so the last about week has been crazy. First ok I was wrong its been more like the last 1 month. Because it started with the car accident and trip to arizona and then coming home and having to get a rental car for Robert and then figuring it all the money crap out with the insurance company.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And to top it all off when we had finished with all that and had talked to Dustin about what car we were going to get we had to find someone to drive it over to us. Which ended up being Roberts parents which would have been fine if they would have just brought it and then dropped it off but they had to make it into this big hugh ordeal. With doing things there way and not listening to us who the week before had just done the exsact same drive with 3 kids. So to make a long story short we don't have our second car yet and now Robert is using my van to go to work until Dustin can bring the car over. As we didnt know until 6 Thursday night that there was a problem with the car. And then after yelling and lots of words back and forth Roberts parents ended up driving back to Arizona. Which made my life alot easier in one way this last week. AHHHHH ok enough ranting better get my mind off of it. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am grateful for life! It seems to me that life comes in waves. Not always crazy or bad. But it does seem to be busier and then slow down at times. I feel like the last 2 months (which when I was younger seemed like took forever) and now I don't know where all the time went. So when I woke up this morning I just felt like I needed to tell my kids and family that I was grateful for everything that they have done for me.

I am grateful for life as the more and more I think about the last two months it seems we have been on both ends of the spectrum. As our newest little guy was born on July 16Th and so adorable and brings such a wonderful spirit into our home sometimes when I feel like its been a crazy day I just love being the mom and getting to curl up on the couch with my baby and get the pleasure of being the one that feeds him and makes him be comfortable and safe that he just goes to sleep and makes that oh I'm happy an content noise. the hum hum little thing its such a awesome sound.
(wow sorry i don't think in sentences:)

And then again my wonderful husband about 2 weeks ago with a friend at work was in a car accident. And now that we or I are getting all the police reports and talking to witnesses and insurance companies and looking more closely at the actual car we are feeling more and more blessed that they were not more injured. As they both walked out of it and didn't have more then just cuts and bruises. I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father and for prayers. As I believe that they were definitely been watched over then.

I am also very grateful for my family back at home in Arizona as we just got home a week ago from getting to go see them. Its always a mixed batch of emotions when you go see your family. At least it is for me I always hope to be able to talk about whatever and be a quote normal family ( if there is such a thing). But we got to see people that we love and adore. We got to be with my brother who just got home from his mission. And then we also got to be with my parents and that is always great for me as my kids just love them so much that I tend to disappear. I know it makes them really grateful when we leave but I know that they wouldn't change not being with us for it. Then we got to spend some time with our best buddies from Queen Creek Pete and Ranee. Awesome People. They have such big hearts and then love us for just who we are. I mean anyone that let me come over and just hang out at there house in my jamies is someone I miss living 3 doors down from. ( Miss you ranee you really need to move to Texas heehaw)
Then Robert was able to because well we were in Arizona we were able to have all our friends and family there to bless Hyde. So two families that Robert on his mission to California helped baptize were able to come over and be there for the blessing. It was a great Sunday we had so many great testimony growing experiences that day. And so many people that we are blessed to love and who love us where there.

I am also grateful for my Brody and Riley as they constantly remind me to be patient and that things don't always have to be done the right way or they way I think is right as long as they get done and everyone is happy i am learning that is the right way. They also every morning the wake me up sometimes way to early but its always bring a smile to my face to her mom mom wake up. Plus its great to be reminded that even though you just gave them there food that your 2 yr old has to pray first and its making sure everyone is ready to pray right then so he can eat. Saying at the top of his lungs PRAYER!!!!

Well I just want to let all of my family that they are very important to me and that we love you all. Hope you have a wonderful day.