Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am grateful for life! It seems to me that life comes in waves. Not always crazy or bad. But it does seem to be busier and then slow down at times. I feel like the last 2 months (which when I was younger seemed like took forever) and now I don't know where all the time went. So when I woke up this morning I just felt like I needed to tell my kids and family that I was grateful for everything that they have done for me.

I am grateful for life as the more and more I think about the last two months it seems we have been on both ends of the spectrum. As our newest little guy was born on July 16Th and so adorable and brings such a wonderful spirit into our home sometimes when I feel like its been a crazy day I just love being the mom and getting to curl up on the couch with my baby and get the pleasure of being the one that feeds him and makes him be comfortable and safe that he just goes to sleep and makes that oh I'm happy an content noise. the hum hum little thing its such a awesome sound.
(wow sorry i don't think in sentences:)

And then again my wonderful husband about 2 weeks ago with a friend at work was in a car accident. And now that we or I are getting all the police reports and talking to witnesses and insurance companies and looking more closely at the actual car we are feeling more and more blessed that they were not more injured. As they both walked out of it and didn't have more then just cuts and bruises. I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father and for prayers. As I believe that they were definitely been watched over then.

I am also very grateful for my family back at home in Arizona as we just got home a week ago from getting to go see them. Its always a mixed batch of emotions when you go see your family. At least it is for me I always hope to be able to talk about whatever and be a quote normal family ( if there is such a thing). But we got to see people that we love and adore. We got to be with my brother who just got home from his mission. And then we also got to be with my parents and that is always great for me as my kids just love them so much that I tend to disappear. I know it makes them really grateful when we leave but I know that they wouldn't change not being with us for it. Then we got to spend some time with our best buddies from Queen Creek Pete and Ranee. Awesome People. They have such big hearts and then love us for just who we are. I mean anyone that let me come over and just hang out at there house in my jamies is someone I miss living 3 doors down from. ( Miss you ranee you really need to move to Texas heehaw)
Then Robert was able to because well we were in Arizona we were able to have all our friends and family there to bless Hyde. So two families that Robert on his mission to California helped baptize were able to come over and be there for the blessing. It was a great Sunday we had so many great testimony growing experiences that day. And so many people that we are blessed to love and who love us where there.

I am also grateful for my Brody and Riley as they constantly remind me to be patient and that things don't always have to be done the right way or they way I think is right as long as they get done and everyone is happy i am learning that is the right way. They also every morning the wake me up sometimes way to early but its always bring a smile to my face to her mom mom wake up. Plus its great to be reminded that even though you just gave them there food that your 2 yr old has to pray first and its making sure everyone is ready to pray right then so he can eat. Saying at the top of his lungs PRAYER!!!!

Well I just want to let all of my family that they are very important to me and that we love you all. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Kermit Crew said...

I miss you like crazy...miss you like crazy! You guys are our precious Texan pals! YOU need to move back in 3 doors down from us, cuz the neighborhood, our ward and the whole world for that matter is NOT the same withouy you guys here! Tell Rylie to tell baby Zeke a.k.a. baby Brodette that I said "hello".