Friday, April 11, 2008

Slacker! Random

OK so I am a slacker... I haven't posted anything since Monday... You may ask Why not Julia? Hum my answer would be because I did NOTHING interesting... And I mean nothing.
In the past couple of days I've done 8 loads of Laundry and strange thing I think I still have more how is that?I've been to the Gym everyday Yippie for me getting off my butt. And then made a trip to Ikea OK that was a little exciting because I got to go shopping with only one child out of three and no no I didn't leave them in the car or at the house I took them with me. But you see Brody is finally totally potty trained so he and Riley get to go play in the play house at Ikea Yippee so more bored kiddos while mommy shops.

Oh we did get invite to a friends home tomorrow afternoon to watch the Red Sox, Yankees game Oh boy wish me luck as the husbands are fans of opposite teams. Fingers crossed it doesn't end in blood or hating each other forever. OK so I need help for fun ideas for little ones? That we can keep them busy while we watch the game ages from I think 7 yrs to 8m.. and everything in the middle. So any help I would be very thankful for.

Also while checking out blogs I found this post it is really great you have to check it out at

OK so there is my boring and random blog sorry if you are totally confused. I am known in my family and close friends as Captain Random.. Welcome to my world hehehehehe