Friday, June 6, 2008

My 4yr old Daughter Hates me

So today at our house has not been a great one well maybe I should say this whole week hasn't. We have had sick kids and haven't really left the house let alone the couch or the upstairs much.

So today when everyone was finally feeling better and I wanted to get out of the house more like NEEDED to get out of the house, Riley becomes to aware of the world around her. I don't know about any of you out there but I guess I thought that this time would happen when she was well 14, not 4. So today when we were all ready to go to of all places the grocery store and she stops me and goes NO mom don't go. Just me and the boys and dad please? At first It didnt bother me, then I go no I really need to go because of A B and C and then she starts to cry... CRY. SO I ask her why she is crying and she says that I don't LOOK or act like other moms. And that I am mean. Holy Crap what am I in for when she hits 14!