Sunday, February 22, 2009

Text Book + the goings on at our house this week.

That is what the doctor on Thursday told us how Brody was doing. We are so excited just Wednesday we got our first ever negative reading for protein. But we were also told the question isn't will he relapse it is when. But as long as we can be prepared and know what to we will be ok.

Also this week was full of up's and down's as on the same day we got the good news about Brody we also had some scary news for Hyde. He was not breathing to well and had been up most of the night I called when the doctors office opened to get him in but they couldn't see him until 3 which was ok as I had to be in Austin at 10am. So I gave him a treatment before we left home and by the time we were done with Brody's appointment the nerpherologist (SP)kidney specialist was starting to ask me if he was ok. So I called again and they said bring him now I asked if I should just go next store to the children s hospital and they said that if he got any worse then yes but to just hurry down so they could try a couple of things before having to go there. When we got to the doctors office they did his pulse ox and we had to do it 3 times so that we could get it over 94 as it started out at 88 and then after the third try we got it to 95 so we didnt have to spend the night at the hospital. We have had to do breathing treatments every 3 to 4 hours day and night but it is at home. We are very greatful for good doctors that trust us and our instincts as parents.

On Friday I had a girls night at the house there was so many great ladies that came and good discussions and great laughs. And oh so yummy food. Thanks everybody that came it was a great relaxing fun night. I can't wait to do it again.

Saturday was a busy day on paper and turned out to not be so bad. Robert and the young men did a service project. Then he came home and the neighbor behind us came over to tell us that he was going to be working on the fence to he would be in and out of the backyard so then Robert went and worked on that as we both had plans on working on the fence next Saturday and didn't feel right having him do all the work when it was helping us out too. Later that afternoon Riley had a birthday party to go. ( And can I tell you what I think she has had at least one if not more birthday parties every Saturday since the beginning of the year. On Saturday she had 4 to go to.) But she had fun and it was close to home. She has really made a lot of good friends this year.

Today Robert just headed off to church as when Riley got home after being at the party for over 2 1/2 hours decided to throw a fit and ended up throwing up and to be on the safe side and to not spread anything if it wasn't just Riley we keeped her home and the boys because Hyde can't make it that long way from home. And Brody started this morning with a runny nose and his protein levels had gone up.

So nothing terribly exciting. Just as Meet the Robinsons says we are just going to keep moving forward. Can you tell I've been watching A LOT of Movies!!!!

Thanks for listening.