Monday, July 27, 2009

us being silly and uncle Bryan

sorry they are all sideways I don't know how to rotate . We were able to have my brother come over for about a month this summer he was a great help and we had a lot of fun. He did so many little jobs that needed to be done around the house while Robert was going back and forth from Waco. He also would play with the kids when I was just to tired or sick to do so. We did get to go to six flags a couple of times and he got Robert and Riley to go on so many more rides then they ever would have. We also would get really silly and goofy with him in the house. IT was a lot of fun. Thanks Bryan for coming and putting a smile on our faces.

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Laurie said...

Having family around is so great!!

And did I know you're having a girl?? How fun!