Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Moving Monday on Tuesday!

Ok sorry this is on Tuesday yesterday was a bad day in my house but that is a whole other post.

So actually I am two weeks behind so I'll give you all the info.....

starting weight 235 wow that is just wrong

todays weight 225 wow that is still wrong I've got a long way to meet my goal 130

I am working out everyday at my friendly gym .
This week I am also going to be doing a cleansing diet yippie. Has anyone ever done one oof these???? Did it work? Or did it just make you sick? So this is what I have planned for this week. I wish I would actually feel differently or see a change in myself. It is so hard to do the work day in and day out and to give up the foods I love OHHH cookies.... And still feel like I haven't done enough....


Laurie said...

Ten pounds is awesome!!! It IS hard not to eat ice cream and cookies, etc... But even losing a little, I feel like I have more energy, so I'm getting more out of my days.

I've never done a cleansing diet. I'm just trying to eat better. I know I won't see immediate results, like on the Biggest Loser, or anything... I just want to be healthier. And if it takes a while, that's okay!!

Keep it up! You're doing awesome!!

SFsis said...

Dearie, you are waaay too tall to have 130 be the ideal. Hang in there, and be sure you don't weigh yourself too often.

Laurie said...

That's so true! Once or twice a week is plenty to be weighing yourself!

I can't wait to read your tag!!

And I definitely know where you're coming from, with feeling blue!! I struggle with it constantly! Some little things: try keeping a gratitude journal, make sure you get outside for at LEAST half an hour everyday, and take time for yourself!!