Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so this post is more of what I've been thinking and some questions for you???

Do you have a daily scheadule? How close do you follow it?

When did you get married? Do you ever feel like it was to young?

If you were not married with or without children what would you be doing?

I not saying I don't absolutely love what I do or where I am in my life. But do you ever look at other peoples lives and go why? Where did all my talent go oh it must have gone to them. Do I even have talent? Sorry I just am trying to find out what I am really good at.

What is your talent?
How did you find out your talent/passion in life?
Am I just not looking at what I do have as a talent? Who knows. Just thought I would throw this out there and see where is goes and I'll search and be back to answer all my own questions....


Chair Losee said...

So the answer is yes to your question. But we haven't told anyone yet since I'm only 7 weeks. We want to wait till we find out the sex of the baby. So no telling your mom, because it will get to my parents..hehe. But yes, I'm excited for 3, little nervous though.

Ginger_Snap_Amos said...

We don't have a daily schedule AT ALL!! Unless you count ALWAYS watching Curious George in the morning as a schedule...

I got married when I was 20. I don't think I was too young. I still got to finish college. I was pregnant with #2 at the time, but I still graduated. That was my number one non-family-oriented goal, so I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

I think I would probably be working towards becoming a family counselor if I wasn't married or a mother.

I think everyone has tremendous talents! Mine happens to be musical - I play the piano, and have since I was 6... I probably just wanted to play because my brother did, but then I grew to love it. ... I think being a mom - and wanting to be a mom - is a talent!

Yeah, I definitely think everyone has many talents. I don't know you well enough to say, specifically, what talents you possess, but even keeping a kitchen clean is a talent!! (One I definitely don't have!)

Good luck on figuring this all out!

Ginger_Snap_Amos said...

Sorry for the long comment... But I like to take people's questions seriously... So there ya go! :)

Lolly Jane said...

Hi there, thanks for checking out our blog! You asked a question about how much the letters would be in 4" tall increments. The vinly only price for that whole board is $20 {plus shipping if you can't pick it up}. :) Thanks again! Lolly Jane

Kermit Crew said...

So we have a basic daily schedule that varies depending on what day of the week we're talking about. I got married when I was 23...just when I always said I would...and even though our kiddo's are adopted, that means our first kiddo was born when I was 26 which is actually the age I always said that I wanted to have my first child. If I wasn't married and being a mom right now...I think I would be one of those very depressed people who was wondering what was wrong with me that no one wanted to marry me. Talent wise...I understand what you're saying! I sometimes feel like I am wasting my talent ( not teaching dance anymore). I am a great tap dancer! Most people I am friends with don't even know that I used to dance competitivley. I know though, that Heavenly Father gave me some sort of talent for motherhood...especially the ability to love other people's kids and the ability to let these sweet foster babies in and out of my life. Julia~ I think you are brilliant! You are a wonderful mom! You are a wonderful friend! I would venture to say that you are a wonderful wife (eve though I have never been married to you :):) I happen to know that you put your family before yourself and in a world like we have today...that is really something! I think sometimes we feel inadequate because we feel like we aren't doing anything GREAT in the world...BUT...we are raising God's children! Who knows what our children will become, because we were willing to live a mediocre life with sweat pants, minimal showers, the occasional spit up down our shoulder and handprints on our walls. I love ya'! I think this was a great, self-reflecting post!



Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Hey, glad you found my blog. It'll be fun to check in with you. And I have to keep a pretty routine schedule because I teach piano (talent) most afternoons and that means the house has to be clean and the kids need to be happy, so routine it is!

Ashley said...

Lots of Q's :)

No daily schedule. Life is crazy and fun like that :) I DO have a to-do list...I make it weekly. I try to knock off several things a day. Once I'm done, I give myself permission to rest :) does eat around 9am, 12 noon, and 6 pm (main meals)...that's about all that's scheduled...but that is more of a floating thing.

Got married at 19. Not too young, but I think my hubby may have been? Or....we just didn't know each other well enough. BUT ...I would've never known him THIS WELL had we not been married.

If I was not married, I'd probably be pursuing a degree in Psychology...and wish I were married with a baby girl :) (THAT was my biggest have a family )

Talents...I'm good with people. Well...I'm good at reading them and helping them is more like it. Friends use me as their sounding board. I'm a good teacher. I'm creative and inventive and kind. Those are my talents.

I found my talents b/c I used to use creativity as a sort of therapy for myself. That's how I unleashed things. :) The other, I just found out along the way.

Good luck on your personal journey!!