Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

Ok sorry no pictures I totally forgot my camera.....But wanted to remember what happened today..

So our day started out at 5:30 for Robert as he had to get up and be at Texas Old Town by 6am. So he was off. I got up at 6:15 and got showered and ready and the got the kids up and awake and dressed and then we waited for Roberts mom to come so she could follow us to the annual scouts pancake breakfast Yummy. So we got to the breakfast which was oh so yummy and I didn't have to make it even better. And we the place is beautiful. They had just built this new hall and the grounds around it were wonderful. So we ate and then the scouts did a flag ceremony and then we went tagpoleing yes I know that isn't a word but were in Texas and we were catching tadpoles. So we kicked off our shoes and waded into the water Riley, Brody and I Robert and Hyde where chicken I think Hyde would have come in if I would have let him. hehehe But we did catch two. Two I tell you they were so cute. I put them into two cups and Brody took one home and Riley took one home and then we walked them next store to our lovely neighbor Rhonda thank you thank you so we knocked on her door and asked if we could please put them into her pond in her backyard and she was so excited and just such a great sport. She told the kids that they could come back in a week to check on them and that when they get bigger they will hear the frogs and they even got to feed her fish. AND she had gotten them bubbles at the store earlier this week. She is so nice. Thank you Rhonda. So that is what we have done with our day so far and we are so grateful that we have this country to live in where men and women fight for us so we can go out and eat pancakes and catch tadpoles. What are you doing on this wonderful day?


Laurie said...

What a great way to celebrate Memorial Day!!!

We're just doing a BBQ with a couple friends.

Nikki said...

Now that is a way to celebrate the Hoilday.

Kermit Crew said...

I LOVED this post! Nothin' better than tadpoles and pancakes to celebrate all of the freedoms we have! Thank goodness for all who have fought in our behalf!