Friday, May 30, 2008


OK so I need everyone or anyone that reads thing blogs help. So hopefully the two of you that do have my anwer please. I am looking for swimming lessons for my kids but havent had any luck. Am I to late to even think I could start them doing them this year? Am I looking to pay to little. I mean what is the going rate? I am lost please help????


Emily said...

I took beginning swim lessons here in Phx a couple years ago since I never had lesson so didn't know how to swim "properly." It was through the Parks & Rec dept at a public swimming pool. They charged $12 for 8 days of lessons. They had parent and kid classes for that price too. Here's the website: Maybe they have the same type of program there?

Nikki said...

Sorry, girl you know I can not help you, you went and moved on us. Hopefully you find some soon though.

Regan said...

I've been looking into this, too. My kids have never had swim lessons, but now my hubby has decided to teach them himself. (We'll see how that goes!)
Here's the info for Kyle (it's $45 per session - 8 classes):

The YMCA also has swim lessons, as does the City of San Marcos:
(the fees are listed on the swim schedule link, most are $25)

Hope that helps!