Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby story

So I have been asked by a few people about what and how did the birth of Harper go. I have never typed up a post like this and so here is goes.

It really started Monday November 16, 2009 we headed out to the dr for out weekly visit. At that visit he just knew I was done. He said so you want this baby here when I go Friday is great joking and he goes well let me go check. He left the room and Robert and I both looked at each other like yeah right he isn't going to induce us as 37 weeks. But he came right back in and said how is 5:30 am for you I go ok sounds great.

So on Thursday night my mom and dad flew in from AZ and where a site for sore eyes.

We didnt sleep much Thursday night and then were up at 4am because heck if I know I am going I was going to look good hahaha.

5:15 am we leave for the hospital

We get back to our room after signing over our lifes about 6:20 am

I change and chit chat with the nurse who is hysterical. ( she was an older lady from england and it was raining out and she had some kind of meeting she was supposed to go to but heck if she was going to it with all this rain she was going to get me going and then head on home.)

But with all the getting to know you going on I didnt get my IV until around 7:30 am

And then we waited. and waited and waited they finally started the pictocin and I was ready.  it was about 9 am. It wasnt to bad and then my water broke and man did it break. There was no denying it. And it was a running joke that every time I coughed or sneezed or laughed from about 9am when it broke that the nurses had to change the bedding every time no joke. Robert keeped saying I bet you lost 20lbs of water.

Contractions going well and then all of the sudden around  11:30am everything stopped they came in and turned me all around and then stopped the pitocin and gave me ice and then told me to lay here just like this and dont move. As her heart beat had dropped and they wanted to get it back up.

So I layed there and waited. and waited with no contractions or if there was any very far and not very hard.
Then around 1 they come back in and pump me full of more water but this one has sugar in it so they said it was gatoraid without the flavor yippie for me. And then around that time also they start the pitocin back up and wow did that start things going and going fast. 3pm we were ready to rock and roll. Harper was born in 2 pushes. And  a nurse telling Dr Reister nah she is going to have to push along time. And after she was delivered we found out what the problem was she had what they call a"true knot" in her cord. Which they said accounted for the heart rate drop but she pasted her apgar with flying colors at a 9.

She is such a great baby and a blessing to have in our home. I hope that is the good stuff you guys where looking for.


Laurie said...

Wow, I'm glad he induced you, before the true knot became any kind of bigger problem!

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