Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok so I am  going to vent I just need to get this out and be done with it......... Completely Random sorry:)

I feel like I have been pregnant  
 F O R E V E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pregnancy hasn't been the best or the worst but it has been up and down. Call me CRAZY but I like having babies in the summer. I like knowing that when the heat hits I only have so much longer to go. And then I can stay in my cave because it is to hot to bring a baby out. But this is just crazy it has been the longest SUMMER that I have ever experienced. And if this cold front thingy doesn't stay around HELLO it could still be summer here. SO here is to hoping that this cold will stay...........PLEASE pretty PLEASE for me...

I have been on bedrest now twice this pregnancy. In the beginning that one wasn't so bad as I had my brother come and stay with me and I also had alot of wonderful people around me for support. This second time has only been 2 weeks so not nearly as long as 3 months. But has been alot harder. Hyde needs more and wants to be out and going and doing. The other kids are gone to school for atleast part if not all day. But I feel like I don't have my net around me. Yes my visiting sisters brought dinner in one night which was nice. But I talked to the RS pres and all she can say is well bed rest sucks. THANK YOU I know this . I do have a great friend that just lives around the block but also has her hands full. And she has done alot for us and I hate to ask for more from her. I am not an ASKER! I don't think many moms are. If you are please give me some tips please.

I sit here waiting for my family to come home from church and thinking about what tomorrow is going to bring. ALOT of what if's???? Tomorrow we go to the dr again and hopefully things look better or he is going to throw me into the Hospital because I have had to take my kiddos with me that last couple of times and wow after waiting in a boring waiting room full of nothing to do. Then again waiting in tiny room with lots of new and different buttons and things to touch but not being aloud to touch it can be hard to be perfectly quite.
So I hope everything goes alright.

We will just have to see where this crazy road takes us. I will update tomorrow.

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