Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunny Bunny haha ( he is really going to love that one)

Happy Birthday Robert!!!

Today is your birthday and you got up and took the trash out and even changed a diaper before you even woke me up and was out the door to work.

We love you so much...

The kids loved being able to surprise you today at work with your favorite lunch and by request chocolate chocolate mini cupcakes.

You are a wonderful dad
YOur an awesome husband ( who has been putting up with a very moody pregnant wife)
You are a hard worker and has always been willing to go and provide for the family.

I have a love hate relationship with your outspokenness as it gets us to know people fast but then again wow sometimes it can be a bit of a whirl wind at times.

I love that you choice me to spend eternity with.

I love your dark hair and blue eye which every child of ours has.

I am glad you where born this day.
Happy Birthday Robert.


JuliaGulia said...

this is the husband:
there is some details that were missing from the post. the diaper that i changed before going to work was a POOPY diaper.

Kermit Crew said...

Hope ya' had a great one, Robert! Pete was supposed to make Julia's famous chocolate chip cookies and eat them in your behalf on your birthday, but he didn't. We will make cookies and eat them in your honor this weekend! :0) Way to go with the whole "poop" thing!