Thursday, September 18, 2008

What day is it anyway???

So this week has been a full and CRAZY one. (this is just for journal purposes so if you don't want to you don't have to read ..)

Friday- wake up and get everyone out the door to there school and work. Then drop the boys off to play at Rhe-Anne's house. Then I am off to help in Riley's class room. So while I am there I work in the schools work room and hear other mother's and father's talking about the Hurricane and how they are getting ready for it. And Heck people I am from Arizona where nothing ever happens weather wise so as soon as I am done at school I run to the store to stock up on some of the things they were telling me to get..

Friday night - we watch the news and wait ..... and wait... and wait and then finally go to bed.

Saturday morning we wake up to a beautiful morning go to the church for our wards preparedness fair and primary program practice. wow was that enough P's there for yah. And that was really great. Come home and we get to hang out with some old friends that are in town Yippee! That night we were in our room getting ready to go out and Robert walked into the hope chest with his toes OUCH!!!

Sunday morning we are getting up and ready for church and Robert says my foot is really hurting so I go do you want to go to doctor no he says. So off to church we go in all our glory my unwashed hair and Robert in he one shoe and one sock with a flip flop. Riley was so excited to do her part in the program but when the time came she didn't want anything to do with it AHH. She Cried all the way to the front of the church and then as she is one of the first to say her part she whines it and then runs down crying to me. So after much talking and bribing yes with a piece of gum she makes her way back up there and sings with the rest of the kids. Then as we are playing popcorn in our seats with the boys in and out of church Robert and I meet in the hall and he goes my foot really hurts I go OK what would you like me to do about it? Yeah I know real loving I know. So after sacrament meeting we get all the kids and at this point the daughter who didn't want to stay in the first place can't leave or it might just kill her so we are now trying to find her a ride home as we have no idea how long it will take we do and head to the hospital.(wow sorry for the grammar never was good at that).
So at the hospital so glad I always keep the umbrella stroller in the back of the van. And then we get to wait and wait and wait and after an 1 1/2 hours which I hear really isn't that bad we limp out of there with what are just sprained toes and head home still not seeing anything from the hurricane.

Monday was a beautiful day just wonderful we went for a walk played with friends filled orders for people(made a lemon pound cake and 64 chocolate chip walnut cookies) Everyone was happy.

Tuesday we wake up to Hyde not breathing right he was laboring so hard to get a good breath so after being put on the run around on the phone I just take him in to the doctor and that is where we find out that now 3 out of 3 kiddos in our house have Asthma. So after spending all morning there and fighting to not be sent to the hospital (love you nurses but really don't want to see you again for awhile) finally get to come home in time to get Riley off the school bus.

And now for the past few days it has been scheduled breathing treatments around the clock. Wow so I think its Thursday and I really haven't done anything this week. So my goals for the day are to try and attack the mountain of ever growing laundry before I have to send my husband and daughter to school and work in there nothings. And do a couple of loads of dishes yes people I said a couple. AND my number one goal is to SHOWER and take a nap when the boys go down. Wish me luck.

How is your week going???

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Laurie said...

Wow!! What a week! I feel for ya! Asthma is so awful! I've only had a couple bad spells with it, but I can only imagine what it's like for little babies! So sad!