Monday, September 8, 2008


So it has been awhile but I think I am addicted to these things that have keeped me away....

  • Face book (if your on there find me we can be friends)
  • Sewing I love Amy Butlers Fabrics but people I was a our local Hobby Lobby on Saturday and guess what they have there own line that is very similar to hers at at least half the price. Look out world I think I'll be making some very cute things to come.
  • PAINTING... Yep I have been painting or trying to paint my house the inside now as we have been in it for what almost 3 yrs. And have been stuck with yucky white walls. So during nap times I have been doing a wall at a time. Hopefully it will be done this week.
  • Blogging and I know I haven't been but I am trying to make a new blog because I have been getting a few orders for my yummy goodies so I need a page to let everyone know what is going on.

So these are my addiction's and I am admitting this to the whole blogging world.. So now what are you addiction's?

P.S. Also my all time favorite is Ice Cream it seems like when my brain is going and creative I veg with it. Not a good habit got to replace it with something. Any Ideas???????


Amber Grannis said...

My vices are: spider solitaire, checking my email, and my google reader. Blast the internet! It sucks me in every time!! ;)

I have a laptop, so I try to just keep it closed as long a possible during the day. That and having a consistent routine with the kids seems to help. But I'm right there with ya...there's a lot to keep me latched on to my laptop.

Laurie said...

My addiction right now, food-wise, is Milk Duds!! I've convinced myself that they're only 13 calories each, so what's the harm? Well... when you eat a whole box in two days... :S

I'm beginning to think that all these GOOD things aren't as great as the BEST things we could be doing... I'm thinking of myself, obviously! Priorities are all messed up with me right now!!

Kermit Crew said...

You amaze me...Miss Creative and Talented! You seriously can do it all! I am addicted, lately, to being in some sort of rut! I haven't been happy lately, because yet again I allow myself to care too much what other people think of me! I am on my way out of this rut though, because I have decided that I am tired of it! My new addiction will probably be...Paradise Bakery! Expensive and fattening, but Oh soooooo good! It is NOT good that they built one so close by!