Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McKenna Children's Museum

Brody at the water table

Hyde at the water table he loved pushing the button to get the fountains going.

Checking himself out in the mirror

Face painting. Oh so beautiful!

Working hard!
Hyde in the kitchen

Riley at the water table

Doctor Riley is her to save the day.

Astronaut Brody hard at work in his spaceship.

Grocery shopping with the boys.


VW bug had to drag the kids inside to see the rest.

Look at that good job Brody!

Go Hyde!

Hyde trying to figure out the whole plastic ice thing.

We had SO much fun at the museam today. It was hard to leave after being there from 10-2. We will have to go back soon. Loved it!

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Nikki said...

Love it! I loved this post.