Saturday, June 21, 2008

I don't wanna

* Get up early when I've been up late

* Do the laundry ( why is it ALWAYS MY turn) Can't we all just go around naked one day a week so we could catch up please.

* Clean my house ( I need a maid please just for this week)

* Go to church anymore. I am Invisable there.

* Not have any friends for my kids. Why is it that all the kids that are my kids ages in my area are the opposite sex.

* Cry anymore

* Be married and still be a single mother 90% of the time


Nikki said...

HEy girl ok, You are offically depressed... E-mail if you ever want to talk..

Laurie said...

Julia, you sweet thing!! Hang in there!!!! I know exactly what you're going through!! Don't worry; it doesn't last forever! I promise!!!

First step: become visible at church!! If no one comes up to you to talk, you go up to someone!! Then you CAN'T be invisible!! An especially good way to do this: ask the RS president for a "job" to do... Feeling needed, other than by boring chores at home, is the best way to feel good about yourself!

Next step: make a trip to Arizona so I can pamper you!!!! :)

Love you lots! Hang in there!!!

girl said...

I understand!

Regan said...

Either it's just you and me, or else everybody has those days. Although I seem to have a lot of them. I'm sorry you're having a rough time! Life is just so hard sometimes.

Kirsetin said...

Life with young kids is hard enough, doubly so when your husband travels. It does get easier as they get bigger, I promise! And today my boys (11, 9 & 5) mopped the kitchen, dusted the living room and swept off the porch while I tackled the bathroom & hideously dirty window screens: help is on the way, you just have a few years to go. Hang in there!

Kermit Crew said...


Here I come to save the day! You are fierc-a-licious! (Don't you think that's something Tyra Banks would say!) I know all about feeling invisible at church! Consider it a break from psycho's and count yourelf lucky for a while! Okay, okay...on a more serious note...Pray! Pray and have a serious conversation with Heavenly Father and tell Him how you are feeling. Sometimes all we have to do is take the first step with Him and then He will make things better for us. And if He can't or won't change your situation, just pray for the strength and the resources to be able to cope. Luv ya' babe!