Wednesday, June 4, 2008

8 things about me

1. I would love to have my own business.( and I am actually working on that right now. I'll give you more info when i can)

2. I love the smell of baby. Crazy I know but it smells so good.

3. Ever since I was 12 alot of people that I know tell me that I am so good with kids I should have tons. But I feel like I don't know what I am doing is right half the time as a mother.

4. I was home schooled from 6th grade until I graduated high school. And sometimes I think it would be fun to home school my kids but then I think about how much work and how much you as the mom and teacher has to know and be responsible for and that alone overwhelms me. And right now alot of people I know are getting into it or starting to do it and I feel and have prayed about it and feel that if I did it right now that it would be for the wrong reasons.

5. I care way to much about what others think about me.

6. I wish I had better relationships with my family and friends. I don't think I am a very good friend I tend to keep to myself alot.

7. I want to go to college but I don't know what for or when it will happen.

8. My biggest fear OK so I don't just have one. I have a few but they all include my family. So my biggest fear is to lose my family.


Laurie said...

I didn't know you were homeschooled!

I care about other people's opinions too much, too! I'm getting out of that a little bit, though... Just make yourself happy!!

Kermit Crew said...


Repeat after me...
I Julia Whitmer, rock the universe! I know I am a great mom, wife and friend and I know what is best for myself, my family and my life! Did I mention that I rock the universe? I am dang good at being me and people (Ranee and Pete and so many others) adore me for my wonderful fabulousness!

You should totally start your own business...what kind of business will it be? I can't wait to find out!