Tuesday, May 6, 2008


OK so last night and this morning has been full of excitement....( Disclaimer...if you have a sensitive stomach don't read farther. )

First last night we got an email from hubbies mother who doesn't have long distance on her phone so she does this when she needs to talk to us. So Hubby calls her and she has some interesting news. She is getting married. Yes folks it has only been 5 months since her husband past. But she says she is ready. All hubby can say is WHAT???????

Then this morning little man Brody woke us all up to the lovely sounds of barfing.. What?? Why are we doing this? I am so sorry little man he keeps saying I'm sooo sick, I too sick.... So with that comes the early morning bath and the washing of the puke out of the hair and then the cleaning of the said tub. Then the cleaning and scrubbing of the sheets and all things bedding. And then the cleaning and more cleaning.

Then Bubba or Hyde decided while I am in the bathroom with Brody to pull the picture above his crib down on top of him. What how did this happen is he really that tall I really thought I had put it higher. I mean it survived his older brother. So now he is crawling around with a lovely black eye. Wow it is only 10 and I am already so tired.

So WHAT has been going on in your house lately??


Laurie said...

Ah man! Sounds like the awfulness is spreading around!! Sorry to hear it!

We're still dealing with Hannah's chin. It's still bleeding a little, so we may have to go get stitches... Not sure yet! Hopefully not, though!

LindaJ said...

My gpa shacked up with a MUCH younger woman 7 months after my gma past!!! Hey whatever gets you through the day..
BTW...love your blog!!

Kermit Crew said...

All I have to say about "Grandma Bobbert (my new name for Robert's mom)is....What the???? Granny say what???? Maybe she's had one too many whiffs of that soap she makes! Seriously, I wish them all the best! (No wait a minute, who am I kidding...she's seriously a pineapple short of a fruit basket!)

Nikki said...

Moving on fast....The positive she will not be lonely

ColistaJ said...

I feel your pain where the bodily fluids are concerned! I have a very hard time dealing with the sight and smell and do gag the entire time I have to clean up Ella's mishaps. Yesterday morning Ella woke up covered in vomit and other disgusting things from head to toe. It was absolutely DISGUSTING. I almost threw up too! I felt so badly for her. Thank goodness she was feeling like her old playful self by lunch time.

It has been fun reading your blog and seeing how happy and wonderful you are. You have very cute kids.