Wednesday, May 21, 2008



So everyone have one or two pieces of things that are to them junk. But when do you draw the line? I mean I was looking around my house and really I don't have alot of things but I do have alot of stuff. If that makes any since at all. I mean you can go into peoples homes and they have just great stuff like awesome furniture that you know they hard to look high and low for. Others have pictures of family and friends and loved ones all around. But then if you were to walk into my home you would go where is all her stuff? I mean I really only have a few pictures REALLY! And there not resent ones all those are on our blog. I really don't have any furniture I just have stuff, paper stuff. WHY do I keep papers? What is the need to keep it all? I mean is it really important to keep that oil change coupon and then never put it in my purse which by the way really Really I don't think I have had a real life purse in 6 years but that's another post. Back to junk. So last night talking to the hubby as we finished painting the living room a lovely shade of reddish maroonish brown pictures to come soon. I go I am tired of being unorganized and having stuff that we never use as this all started this morning when I went to do laundry and one of the baskets were full of clean clothes yippee you would think ok then no laundry to do but no. It was all my husbands things that he just didn't know what to do with. No room in the dresser, he didn't want to hang them up not that nice of clothes. So what do you do with them oh I know leave them in the basket for two weeks AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SO he goes what do you want to organize I said the whole house. At this time his face dropped. He says ok. How I go I want to get rid of anything we are not needing and do not use. Oh this is also because last week I went to go register Riley for Kindergarten and he had thrown out all of our birth certificates and social security cards so thankfully my parents live still in Arizona and have a copy of mine so they where able to run down that day and fax a copy over to me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again. So yeah I am feeling really unorganized and I don't know how it happened I used to be really well organized but then I had boys and they just consume your time if its not with eating it is with running after them and then when they do stop for two seconds then you are to tired to do anything except maybe drink a BIG DR. PEPPER (oh how I love thee). But I am done with the complaining I am don't trying to find things I am done with the JUNK. I am committing to be DEJUNKED by the end of summer. So wish me luck and please if you have any good ways to get there HELP!!!!!!!

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Laurie said...

Wow! Definitely know what you're talking about!!!!

I'm sure you've heard of ... My Mom also just found a website called ... That woman's LDS, so I like it better than Fly Lady. (I never liked Fly Lady, honestly!)