Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OK SO we had no Easter here at our house... :( very sad I know but this is how the story goes.......... It all begins on Friday..

It all started out great we were going on our ward camp out.. Everyone was finally feeling better Yippee!!!!!!! So we all got up that morning and Robert had to go into the office just for a few things he was going to be home around 11 am.. So I am getting things ready and everything is great. We gave Hyde his last dose of antibiotic (this is very important remember this later) And we hit the road. Camp is only about 1hr away from our home..

We get there and we are having a great time.... We make a yummy dinner of pizza on the grill if you haven't done this you have got to try it yummy.... and go to the river and play in the water and then got to a wonderful fireside given by the Bishop..... Then Night falls and this is where the Fun begins...... We get the two older kids into bed around 9pm and then stay up playing Mafia.. fun... Then around 10:30 we head for bed.. it is now getting really cold and we are so unprepared.... And the never ending night begins..... Hyde never never Never slept.. he was awake for most of the night. Screaming and crying and just cold and never happy. I felt terrible for the tents full of families next to us... Sorry... So when it was 5am yes you saw that right 5 am he finally crashed.... We were so happy so we got about 45Min's of sleep before the high priests where up and making breakfast... And as I sat up with the sleeping Hyde next to be I look down and he is covered,Covered.

Head to toe with spots. At the time we didn't know they were hives but that was scary... So we got a blessing by now he was not breathing right. And some how all of our stuff was taken down and put into our car before we all could make it to the bathroom... And we were off to the Dr's thanks goodness for pediatricians that have Saturday Hours! We get there and find out that he is Allergic to the Rx he had been taking.... So now you can see why we had no Easter I was holding baby and we were all sleeping and I wasn't organised to get stuff before Saturday so didn't have anything but the clothes but then not everyone went to church so I promise next Sunday when we all get dolled up we will take pictures and I'll post them here.

Update on Hyde he was twice his size on Sunday and Monday (sorry no Monday update will do that next) but is slowly getting unswollen and returning back to normal... Thank you Benadryl


Anonymous said...

See please here

Kermit Crew said...

Oh my goodness! When you said SPOTS you weren't kidding! Poor, little Hyders! Well...we are just glad he is alright! And to make you feel better about the not going to church on Easter thing...we didn't go either. We stayed home and did the easter basket, egg hunt thing! So...a doctor finally beleives you now, that Hyde is allergic to the antibiotic! Finally! I will call you tomorrow!

Chair Losee said...

Wow I bet that was scary. And the whole no sleep thing, not fun, hopefully you guy's were able to catch up on all that needed sleep.