Friday, February 15, 2008

Hyde Crawling


Kermit Crew said...

Go Hyde Go! He is way to little in my head, to be crawling already! I am missing everything! Tell him he's not allowed to grow up anymore! My little Hyders...Auntie Ranee misses are so adorable...yes you are!

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

Rob, the only thing I remember about our first campout with you was that you (Ranked as a Life in scouts) were not able to start a fire from smoldering ash left from earlier campers, haha. Our eyebrows rose as you gathered green grass to try to get the fire going, haha. Don't you even think that I forgot about that my good friend. Oh, what happened with the tent thing? I remember that you had a hard time putting up the standard 2 man scout tent though. Anyhow, (in my defense) yes I do know how to hunt/fish and do lots of outdoor things, you know that you nerd, haha. Even though I may look like a city boy, remember, we survived Kodiak Alaska bro. I figure if we can do that, we can survive just about anywhere:)