Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wedding Quiz

1. Where did you meet your husband?
Online and talked to him for awhile but didn't think anything of it. Then was set up by a friend in my singles ward with one of his mission buddys who turned out to be Robert who was also the Robert online.
2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?
Hi!!! Honestly I can't remember that far back I guess I should remember huh?
3. Where was your first date?
Mesa, AZ Temple The Easter Pageant and then after I invited myself to go to the movies with him. That I paid for since earlier in the night I had paid him to go get a guys number for me.
4. Where was your first kiss?
At the corner of Baseline and Ellsworth in Mesa AZ up against his car right after the movie
5. Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
Well lets see we meet in March the very end of march and then got engaged April 16th and were married July 12th so whats that 3 months.
6. Where did you get engaged?
In his car in front of a little house out in the middle of nowhere with christmas lights still on in there front yard after going to dinner at Olive Garden and him giving me a dozen roses.
7. Where were you married? Mesa Arizona Temple
8. How did your reception go? It was really pretty had allot of friends and family help decorate.
9. Where was the Honeymoon? At a hotel in Tempe, Az just for the weekend we both had to work on Monday.
10. If you could change anything about that day what would it be?
I would have loved to have gotten to be married in the Snowflake temple But it was perfect because I married the man I love.

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