Sunday, November 4, 2007


Brody (superman), Hyde as a Jackolantern, Riley as the Bride

Hyde and Riley
Brody trying to fly
Hyde and Brody at the Trunk or Treat.

Sorry there sideways

Robert and Riley in the kitchen carving pumkins.

They turned out really cute. Riley's was in the shape of a spooky cat and Brody had his in the shape of a ghost..

So we ended up with a ton of candy at our house and now who is eatting it I am really good at only letting the kids have 2 a day but me if my fall back. Oh don't have time for a real breakfast but I am starving so grab some candy on your way out or to feed Hyde. I know I am really bad I need to stop hopefully Robert will take it far way or I can get brave and just put it away for later a little at a time.

Ok so halloween is done now its Thanksgiving and then way to fast before I know it it will be Christmas wow where does the time go???????

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Kermit Crew said...

Soooo cute! Julia I LOVE YOU! You and me both, eating candy til we puke! It's so sad that when my kids want a piece of candy (I told them they could have 3 pieces a day), I always give them the sweet sugery stuff and save the chocolate for me, myself and I! I have issues with telling myself that I have had enough candy...Ya' see, I just don't tell myself! I swear I have a candy butt now! (No...I am not going to show it to you!:) I miss you like crazy...I miss you like crazy! Ya'll come back now ya' hear? Night Night!